Gleim CPA Review 2023 [Gleim Accounting Exam Review Course]

Gleim CPA Review is one of the most established and widely used CPA exam study tools on the market today. This review course has been utilized by thousands of applicants to prepare for the test. Furthermore, an increasing number of people have chosen Gleim exam prep products as supplementary to other study tools.

The Gleim CPA course was created to be comprehensive and informative. Their course is well-organized and ideal for anyone seeking a guided CPA review course with micro-lessons. Gleim also features cutting-edge adaptive learning technology and an effective support system that gives personalized assistance to fit your different needs.

Your Gleim CPA Review course incorporates SmartAdapt technology software to assist you with your studies. This is a fantastic addition to their existing study materials, which include audio lectures, adaptive quizzes, and downloadable lectures.

It is also a popular option for international applicants. If you do not fall into one of those groups, don’t worry; this study course offers plenty of unique features and benefits that you will not find in other study materials.

Let’s take a look at the Gleim CPA review format to see what it has to offer.


Gleim CPA Review is one of the most cost-efficient and effective courses available. For almost 45 years, Dr. Irvin Gleim has been a prominent producer of review materials. He was the author of the review books that are now published by Wiley. He has been writing and publishing his new and enhanced review course since 1994.

This thorough review course is among the best in the industry. Since 1974, his low-cost review products have helped millions of students pass the CPA exam (over 45 years).

Gleim CPA Review Courses Pricing

Gleim provides three levels of course packages. The Premium CPA Review Course, which costs $1999, is their most expensive tier. This is less than the industry standard and includes study materials for all four sections of the exam, as well as a slew of extras. Audio lectures, exam rehearsals, study sessions with professional accountants, and access to their adaptive learning Interactive Study Planner are just a few of the extras available.

Gleim’s Traditional CPA review course package, which costs $1,599. This is their mid-tier option, which includes some additional study aids but does not offer access to accounting experts or video lectures.

The CPA Mega Test Bank is their lowest tier package, costing $999 which comes with only textbooks, practice questions, and a practice exam.

If you’re already paying nearly $1,600 for a prep course, I believe it’s worth it to pay the extra few hundred dollars for the Premium edition. The additional study tools provided in the Premium Review System, as mentioned below, are some of the more valuable materials in the total Gleim package and give some considerable instructional horsepower.

Because it is the most popular option among CPA candidates, I will focus on the Gleim Premium CPA review system in my review.

Is there a free update for Gleim CPA Review?

It certainly does! If Gleim CPA Review ever adds new material to their course, or if the CPA Exam’s content or structure changes, your course will be updated for free. They will guide you through the study process with your study planner and adaptive technologies, focusing on your weaknesses and converting them into strengths. There will also be no need to be concerned about having out-of-date materials. Gleim’s video classes have recently been updated to contain more than 100 hours of video lessons.

Gleim’s CPA Premium Review Course Details

  • $1,999
  • Study materials available in both physical and digital formats
  • 10,000 multiple choice questions
  • 1,300 task based simulations
  • Over 100 hours of video lectures available
  • Audio lectures that can be downloaded
  • Student assistance provided by accounting experts
  • Authentic exam day emulation throughout practice exams
  • Unlimited Access

What’s included in Gleim’s CPA Review Course?

Multiple Choice Questions

Gleim has the biggest test bank among any other CPA review courses. This comprises thousands of practice questions covering every aspect of the exam, including:

  • Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Auditing and Attestation
  • Regulation

There will be almost 10,000 multiple choice questions. That is more than enough to ensure that you are completely prepared for the exam.

But we all know that the quality of the practice questions is what really counts. These practice problems posed difficulties for many of my classmates and me. They will undoubtedly prepare you for the most difficult questions that you will face during exam day.

All of your multiple-choice questions include thorough answer explanations for whether you choose the correct or incorrect answer. This allows you to learn from your mistakes and correct your errors as soon as possible, so that when the real exam comes around, you will be confident and well prepared.

Task Based Simulations

Gleim’s CPA mega test bank not only contains lots of multiple-choice questions, but it also includes 1,300 task based simulations for you to practice for the CPA exam.

These 1,300 task based simulations, like the multiple choice questions, include detailed answer explanations. This is essential for TBSs because you will require a thorough comprehension of the answering process. Whether you get the answer right or wrong, you’ll know why on the real exam.

Study Text

Gleim’s study book is the most complete and exhaustive book on the market today. In fact, it’s probably overly detailed. Some candidates claim that there is too much information to study when using Gleim’s book. As a result, individuals spend more time studying than necessary because the books cover more than what is on the exam. This may be true for people who understand the material well, but it is beneficial for others who require more extensive explanations of concepts and topics.

Practice Exams

I personally think that the structure of Gleim’s practice exam is excellent. They contain true and false practice questions, multiple choice questions, final exam reviews, and task-based simulations. You can also quickly track your progress using the performance analysis feature, which pinpoints the topics where you need to improve.

You can create two types of practice exams from Gleim’s mega test bank, either in Study Session or Test Session mode. The Study Session mode provides immediate answer explanations, allowing you to correct your mistakes as you practice. The Test Session mode is ideal for final test review. In this mode, you will practice in the format of an actual test so that you will be ready for the real deal.

A second mock exam has been added for 2023. You now have two chances to take a full-length exam that simulates the real thing on test day.

Interactive Study Planner

Gleim’s most recent addition to its prep course is the Interactive Study Planner, an adaptive learning study tool. When it comes to studying for the CPA test, this is a game changer. Instead of wasting hundreds of hours studying mountains of material for this important exam, the Study Planner will point you in the right direction.

Your course will develop a study schedule that includes lectures, practice material tailored to your level of knowledge by tracking your progress through practice questions and quizzes targeted on your trouble areas. You obtain a learning experience similar to a one-on-one tutoring session with a live teacher using this innovative learning tool, all from the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule.

When you first open your study guide, the study planner will prompt you for your exam date. Enter that and the amount of days per week you want to study, as well as any days you don’t want to study, and it will take care of the rest. It will generate a calendar for you that displays how many lessons and materials you must finish each day until your final review. If you skip a day, the rest of the calendar will be automatically updated, and your study time will be adjusted accordingly.

With this tool at your convenience, you will be able to study more effectively than ever before.

Videos and Audio Lectures

Gleim is a relative newcomer to video lectures. They never had video lectures until other companies began providing them. For a period, they produced visual learning aids that were essentially audio-enhanced powerpoint presentations. They currently have over 100 hours of video lessons covering essential exam topics presented by highly qualified, knowledgeable instructors.

To me, Gleim’s video and audio lectures are very professional and clear, and they guided me through the practice questions and real-world scenarios. The instructors cover every crucial topic mentioned in the CPA Exam Blueprints, so you won’t be surprised on exam day if you grasp all of the knowledge.

To be honest, the video lectures aren’t that noteworthy. There is no supplemental text to accompany the films, which some students want in order to fully comprehend the subjects. The videos are brief yet uninteresting. Other courses, such as Roger, have a far more charismatic teaching approach, which makes it easier to stay awake when studying tedious CPA concepts.

Gleim is introducing numerous new video lectures innovations, including the option for students to take notes within the video lectures and sync them to their outlines as they watch. Students can also take notes within the course outline.

With your Gleim CPA review course, you will also receive audio lectures. These can be played on a variety of devices, such as your phone, computer, or MP3 player. These are ideal for CPA candidates who need to study while on the go. I would listen to my audio lectures on my long commute to work or even at the gym on occasion. Simply playing these on repeat helped me hone in those hard topics and improved my retention on exam day. While helpful, they aren’t as substantial as I would have hoped.

Exam Flashcards

Gleim simply did not include flashcards with their CPA prep materials for a long time. They have, however, lately added digital flashcards for all 2023 students. This suggests they are paying attention to their critics, whether they are students like you or reviewers like us!

Dashboard / UX

Your Gleim course is well-designed and simple to utilize. Upon logging in your CPA review course, you will be greeted by an intuitive dashboard that displays your personalized study plan based on your exam dates.

When I got into my Gleim course, I was able to effortlessly browse through the site to begin my study session, no matter what I chose to work on. You can do a final review once you have gone through the material, video and audio lectures, and short quizzes. Your performance in this final evaluation will be tracked, and you will be given feedback on which areas require additional work which I found very useful!

Gleim is structured in such a way that it supports an organized approach that is very disciplined and necessitates a continuous study regimen. However, this was quite a challenge for me because I couldn’t find the motivation to go through the abundance of practice questions.

Customer Support

Gleim’s student support will be there for you whenever you need assistance with challenging topics or annoying technical issues. You can seek assistance in a variety of ways. You can ask accounting experts questions directly in the course, or you can contact any personal counselors for help and assistance.

Gleim’s support team can assist you with particular CPA questions or explain the perplexing CPA application procedure. With Gleim CPA review, you can get answers to your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week (even on holidays).

Courses Access and Updates

The content access provided by Gleim is dependent on the package purchased. You will receive 18 months of online access if you purchase their Traditional CPA Review System (the entry level package). However, if you purchase the Premium Review System (as most students do), you will have unlimited access until you pass the exam.

They tout this as their “Access Until You Pass” pledge and extensively promote it. Nonetheless, this is not a new or special notion to Gleim. The “Access Until You Pass” guarantee implies that you will have free access to updated material until you pass the CPA Exam. Your digital documents will automatically update, so you will never be without up-to-date information. Furthermore, if you desire a new version of the physical books, you’ll only have to pay for delivery.

The Traditional CPA Review System has an 18-month access period, and whether or not it is sufficient time will be determined by the person. This may not be enough time for working professionals to study for and complete all four sections of the exam. Please keep this in mind as you choose the course format to take.

Gleim’s unrestricted access is fantastic, and not all CPA review courses provide it to the candidates. If you follow all of Gleim Premium CPA Review System “recommended steps” and still do not pass the CPA exam, you will receive a full refund (this must be requested within 18 months of your purchase).


14 Day Free Trial

Gleim is generous enough to provide free access to their materials to all CPA candidates in order for them to determine whether it is the best fit for them. You may test drive the course, try the practice questions, and see what it’s like on the inside without having to spend anything.

CPA Mega test bank

The Gleim CPA mega test bank is the industry’s largest test bank. Most other test bank and review systems don’t even come close to that number. It can be purchased independently or as part of a larger package that includes all of the digital content. This test bank is the program’s best-selling feature, as it contains over 2,000 multiple-choice questions for each part you need to practice. This is a big advantage because it allows applicants to practice an almost infinite number of questions without running into the same ones over and over again. When studying for the exam, this is most likely the best study help you could ask for.

Personal Counselors

Gleim differs from other companies in that they give you a personal counselor who will help you stay motivated and on track during your studies. As a result, if you fall behind, your counselor will send you an email to help you get back on track. You can also contact accounting experts if you have any queries concerning the exam or the review materials. This is really beneficial for those who require further assistance with concepts.

Unlimited Access

Unlike other CPA review services, Gleim does not impose time constraints on your research. Your materials will never expire, and you will never have to pay extra costs to examine or update them, thanks to their Access Until You Pass guarantee. The sole exception is if you wish to acquire an updated version of their actual textbook, in which case you only need to pay postage.


Lots of Information

It’s a wonderful thing to have detailed information. There is such a thing as too much information. Gleim can occasionally toe the line. Their materials are incredibly thorough, often to the point of forcing candidates to study items that will not appear on the exam.

No mobile app

The Gleim CPA Review course does not have a mobile app. This is especially important for folks who are constantly on the go and need to study on their phone or tablet. Fortunately, they continue to deliver outstanding mobile functionality via browser optimization and downloadable audio lectures, while a dedicated app would be a great addition in the future.

Gleim CPA Review Pass Rate

In 2019, the average CPA exam pass rate was 51%. Gleim does not disclose the average exam pass rates of their users.

The Gleim test bank, revisions to their multiple choice questions, and modifications to their practice exam are all influenced by the general CPA success rates. According to the company, the purpose of displaying this data is to both evaluate Gleim study materials and increase candidates’ chances to pass the CPA exam.

They keep track of how well people perform on the exam. Then, use this information, as well as the AICPA blueprint, to keep their course up to date with the most relevant materials.


How similar is the Gleim CPA Review to the actual exam?

The Gleim CPA Review is quite similar to the actual exam. Gleim CPA exam prep includes built-in features such as exam questions and exam simulations. Users will study each of the four elements of the actual CPA exam in an organized manner designed to simulate the test. This increases preparation.

Is Gleim good?

Gleim offers a variety of CPA exam prep courses and supplemental study materials to assist students prepare for and pass the CPA exam. However, there are far superior CPA prep courses available from companies such as Surgent and Roger, which include more appealing features such as mobile compatibility, adaptive learning technologies, and live lecture content.


Overall, Gleim excels where it matters most for a CPA review course by offering the industry’s largest multiple choice and simulation test bank at an affordable price. Gleim’s coursework also impressed us with its extensive curriculum and varied presentation of material, which included video lessons, audio lectures, text outlines, and digital flashcards. The short video lectures are exceptionally well-produced and provide an entertaining and educational experience. These two components, when combined with the concise outline-style texts, form a potent learning tool that significantly improves retention.

Furthermore, in terms of practice material, they provide some of the highest quality and quantity available. In both subject and testing interface, the 10,000 multiple-choice questions closely mimic actual exam questions. I particularly like how they prioritize simulations, providing more than twice as many as any other source (with 1,300 task based simulations).

They also have some excellent customer service options for those who require them, as well as an Access Until You Pass guarantee (Premium level only) that only a few of their competitors provide.

Gleim is especially well suited for people who have been out of school for long and/or aren’t as strong on US GAAP (e.g. International students) and require a more comprehensive review course with a lot of practice material. Gleim’s SmartAdapt technology and bite-sized lectures, on the other hand, make it a perfect option for students who are actually pressed for time but want the extra comfort of knowing they can dive super deep in specific areas if and when they need to.

Furthermore, if you want quick access to a higher degree of support from personal counselors and the option to ask questions directly in your course, Gleim is the way to go.

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