9 Best GMAT Prep Courses Online for 2023: [Updated with Detailed Information]

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is used by business schools all over the globe as a yardstick to gauge the aptitude of prospective students towards business and management, consequently, it also determines if these students should be welcomed into their arms. 

The computerized test does so by assessing one’s critical reasoning and analytical skills across 4 sections. It is the only entry paper that has been enforced by more than 2,300 universities and colleges internationally. 

Established by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the standardized GMAT has been regularly employed as a criterion that must be satisfied in order to enter into a variance of graduate management programs like the Master of Finance, the Master of Accountancy and most prominently, the Master of Business Administration (MBA). 

GMAT scores range from the depth of 200 to the towering 800. Though the middling sphere of the 500s is what most students would achieve, decent business schools demand a score upwards of the 600s, and the very best universities demand scores within the 700s. Evidently, getting a high GMAT score would do wonders for you, yet it is so difficult to even get past the average point. It is recommended that at least 100 hours are dedicated to this onerous journey.

This is where GMAT prep courses assume their roles, giving you that all so needed extra push to reside in the upper echelons. Whether you are a retaker or a newbie fresh to the scene, a GMAT prep may very likely be the key for you to unlock the gates of your desired business school. 

In this article, we will be reviewing the best GMAT prep courses in 2023.


Factors to be considered when choosing the Best Online GMAT Prep

Before you finally choose a GMAT prep course for yourself, many considerations have to be made. All of these courses vary from each other in one way or another, whether subtly or drastically.  Deciding on the apt one could mean a high GMAT score within your intended timing, deciding on the one that is inappropriate for you regardless of how acclaimed it is may strain both your time and finances. These are the main factors that you must consider. 

The Price and your Budget

The prep courses soon to be listed out here have a wide array of price tags attached to them. They range from the low hundreds to even being more than a thousand dollars. The sum requested for some of them could be more than 5 times the price of another. If you are a price-sensitive student, certain courses may be out of your reach even if they could almost certainly guarantee you a good score. Regardless, superb and affordable choices also exist. 

Your Learning Style

Are you one for self-studying, group engagement or private tutoring? Are you an audio or visual learner? Do you learn more from reading thorough explanations, or do you learn more through actual practice? These are questions that you must pose to yourself as not all of these courses are able to encompass and satiate all your personal needs and preferences. You must get familiar with your own idiosyncrasies. 

Your Scheduling 

Like the actual presentation and features within these courses, their content access periods would differ as well. You must have a set schedule in mind – how much time are you willing to devote to studying for the GMAT? 

If you are only a student whose sole focus is getting into a good business school you could have it dealt with in a few short months, however, if you have similar goals and yet you are burdened by other jobs or responsibilities you may need to slot in the hours over a longer period of time. As such, you should know when you are intending to complete your GMAT requirements and choose the appropriate courses and structures accordingly. 

You really do not want the test prep company to send an email that notifies you that your access to their materials is halted while you are in the midst of preparation. An application for renewal would have to be made, and even more expenses would be spent. 

Without further ado let us have a look at what are the best GMAT prep courses of 2023!

Is a GMAT Prep Course Worth It?

GMAT Prep Classes is not the only method to prepare for the exam, but they are a quite essential option for many potential GMAT takers. Anyone who hope to achieve excellent results on the GMAT but have does not have confidence to study on themselves are strongly advisable to pick up the GMAT study online prep course. There are many online GMAT courses available in the market and there is definitely a GMAT review course that suits your requirements, depending on your needs.


Best GMAT Prep Courses (GMAT Review Class)

1. The Princeton Review GMAT Prep


  • 50+ hours of Video Lectures
  • 27 hours of Live Classes
  • 3,000+ Practice Questions
  • Hard Copy & Digital Textbooks
  • Money-Back Guarantee


With decades’ worth of experience and a stellar track record in getting students more than prepared for the GMAT papers, the Princeton Review prep course is one of the most solid and safest options around if you want a sure-fire shot at an elite score. Just put in the due diligence on your behalf and the Princeton Review will undoubtedly carry you across the finish line with its bounty of quality materials. 

Three separate packages are available: Self-Paced ($799), Fundamentals ($1,399) and the GMAT 700+ ($1,899). The distinction between the packages lies within the amount of materials and teachings offered. The Self-Paced has no live classes while the Fundamentals do and the GMAT 700+ even more so. 

The Princeton Review lays claim to one of the most robust and detailed curriculums, its modules are extremely meticulous in covering every examinable issue as each of them inspects around a hundred individual topics. There is also a substantial sum of practice materials offered, definitely more than the average and definitely more than sufficient for any student with 3,000+ practice questions and 10 full-length practice tests – one of the largest volumes in the field.

Its practice materials are also followed by remarkably thorough explanations in case you still have any confusions remaining after completing them. If you decide to opt for its live class options, rest assured knowing that you are in good hands and that all your complex queries would be dealt with. The classes are small, with less than 10 students, and the lecturers excel in their craft. 

The course promises an improvement in your scores, they are so confident that they could keep that promise, they would refund you your money if the promise is not fulfilled. The GMAT 700+ course in particular guarantees you a score in the 700s.

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • It is admittedly one of the pricier options around, though it is definitely a bang for your buck, it may be unfitting for those who are on a very tight budget.
  • The content access period is only 4 months for all of its packages. Most students could complete their GMAT preparations within 3 months but some may find it difficult to do so if they have other obligations.
  • No instructors will be on screen for its video lectures.
  • Your scheduling may now be influenced by its limited live classes.


2. Manhattan Prep GMAT


  • 35+ Video Lectures
  • 27 hours of Live Classes
  • 4000+ Practice Questions
  • Private Tutoring
  • Hard Copy Textbooks


Manhattan Prep distinguishes itself from the pack by consistently pumping out digital content that is both fun and interactive and by keeping up with their high standards of in-person teaching with their intimate, humorous and detailed physical classes. This prep course presents you with the very best engagement you could find anywhere regardless if it is on your computer screen or if you are in their lecture halls. 

It has three packages within its portfolio: Interact Course ($999), Complete Course ($1,599) and Private Tutoring ($2,450). Manhattan Prep is malleable to your learning style with the different modes of teaching it offers. The Interact Course provides you with all the necessary digital materials while the Complete Course has an addition of its famed physical classes and the Private Tutoring Course naturally replaces those physical classes with private 1 on 1 tutoring. 

Its digital content meshes with interactive technology, all 35+ of its video lectures are remarkably engaging as you would have to interact with them by navigating through the embedded lesson modules to progress with your studies, ensuring that you do not daze away while watching.

The acclaimed video lectures are also of course accompanied by lively lecturers and wicked graphics. Among the practice materials include 4,000+ practice questions and 6 full-length practice tests, a huge bulk that suffices for most. 

Their physical lectures are superb as well. Intimate small classes ensure that you leave with the knowledge you need. Just ask away any questions you have, you would have plenty of opportunities to do so as the lecturer could focus on each and every student present in the class. Their lecturers are known to be very energetic and keen to help. 

Nevertheless, the cons of the course includes:

  • The intimate classrooms may instead work against your favor if you are shy as you are expected to interact with the class and lecturer.
  • It is one of the more expensive options. 
  • There are no money-back guarantees offered. 
  • Your scheduling may now be influenced by its limited live classes.


3. Kaplan GMAT


  • 44+ hours of Video Lectures
  • 18 hours of Live Classes
  • 5,000+ Practice Questions
  • Hard Copy Textbooks
  • Unlimited Access
  • Money-Back Guarantee


This decades-old test prep company is one of the most prominent and respected entities in the GMAT prep arena due to both the sheer breadth of practice materials it possesses and the fact that these very materials are of superior calibre when compared to those offered by many other courses.  

Kaplan GMAT prep course offers two viable packages: the Self-Paced ($599) and the Live Online ($1,249). The difference between the two would be that Live Online would have everything the Self-Paced offers while befittingly having live physical classes. 

Its modus operandi is straightforward, it showers you with a rain of practice materials that does not ever seem to come to an end. 5000+ practice questions alongside 9 full-length practice tests is mountainous, most students would not even be able to get through all of them! It gets you more than prepared for any curveballs the actual GMAT papers could throw at you. If you are a student that markedly improves through practice, there is no better course out there.

Its 44+ hours of video lectures are excellent as well. You would be accompanied by an expert lecturer that lists down the necessary notes and tips onto a sleek digital whiteboard. The physical lectures are also commendable as they could guide you through the astonishing amount of materials and textbooks you have with you, courtesy of the Kaplan GMAT. 

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • The abundance of prep materials would mean that you are highly unlikely to go through most of it if you are pressed for time. Furthermore, it may be overwhelming to stare at the mountain of materials one would have to cover.
  • Your scheduling may now be influenced by its limited live classes.


4. Magoosh GMAT


  • 340+ Video Lectures
  • 1,300+ Practice Questions
  • Digital Textbooks
  • Money-Back Guarantee


Magoosh GMAT prep course is a newcomer to the scene that is renowned and praised for setting an incredibly low price tag on their first-rate courses that could still provide a prospective student with everything they need for the tests. It is considered the ultimate value pick among all the courses. 

The company currently offers three different sorts of packages: Math + IR ($219), Premium ($249) and Tutoring + Premium ($799). There are pretty significant differences among them, the Math + IR course would aptly only cover those specific sections, while the Premium would cover all 4 examinable sections. The last course is the same with just private tutoring added, but you should keep in mind that a course with private tutoring at a price that low is a very rare sight. 

Though its cheap fees distinguish it from the pack, its curriculum, materials and content are nearly just as robust as the best out there, it covers all the issues it needs to regardless. It is an absolute steal with 340+ video lectures, 1300+ practice questions that are accompanied by video and text explanations, and finally 2 full-length practice tests.

Despite the fact that it definitely is not as plentiful as some of the more prestigious courses like Kaplan and Manhattan Prep, with that price tag attached, you simply cannot expect those numbers. The content access period for all of the packages is also sufficient for most students, a whole year.

The course teaches through completely digital means. Its virtual layout is simple and clean, free from bloated dashboards and excessive features. Navigation through the lessons, modules and schedules is effortless.  

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • Such a low price would naturally equate to lesser materials, there may not be enough for you to go through if you learn best through practice.
  • If you want to be pampered by convenient features and powerful adaptive technology, this would not be the course for you as its dashboard is plain. 


5. PrepScholar GMAT


  • 25+ Video Lectures
  • 1,200+ Practice Questions
  • Money-Back Guarantee


PrepScholar GMAT  prep course is another new kid on the GMAT prep block. Appropriately, with its advanced technology, its arrival onto the scene has introduced further modernities to the test prep arena. 

3 distinct packages are within its portfolio: Resource Pool ($99), Self-Guided ($249) and its most popular course, Completely Customized ($399). The difference between the 3 packages are the quantity of materials and special features offered. Naturally, the higher the price is, the more content there is. Notably the Self-Guided offers the company’s famed diagnostic assessments while the Completely Customized offers that alongside its customized study plans. 

The courses’ claim to fame is its exceptionally advanced algorithm which customizes a student’s learning and study plans according to their strengths and weaknesses. This is first done through a very meticulous 60-question diagnostic quiz. 

As you study along, the algorithm consistently updates the curriculum and its practice materials in the background to be perfectly tailored to your current and individual needs. The efficient study plans take your schedule into consideration while ensuring that you have the time to patch up your weak spots. 

Regardless of its advanced software, the core curriculum is still very solid with over 340+ video lectures, 1,300 practice questions and 4 full-length practice tests especially for the cheap price they are offering them for!

Nonetheless, this relatively small investment could be backed out if you have decided that it is not the right course for you as PrepScholar offers a “double guarantee”. You have 5 days to try out the course with the option of dropping it at whichever moment in that time frame, additionally, you could also get a full refund if your score does not improve by at least 60 marks.

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • There are lesser materials as expected of its price.
  • Its content access period is short at 4 months. 


6. Veritas Prep GMAT


  • Video Lectures
  • Live Classes 
  • 5,000+ Practice Questions
  • 12 Practice Tests
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Digital Textbooks


Established nearly two decades ago, Veritas Prep has since made a name for itself by crafting a steadfast curriculum with one of the largest volumes of practice materials and by hiring only the very best lecturers to guide students through those lands. 

Veritas Prep course now offers 3 variants of packages: Self Study ($699), Live Classes ($1,399) and Private Tutoring ($2,650). They are all functionally the same except for the one difference that could be explained away by their respective names. The content access period for all of the courses is a respectable length of a whole year.

It has plenty of high-quality materials with 5,000+ practice questions and 12 full-length practice tests, this volume of materials could even eclipse those of Manhattan Prep’s! Their lecturers are top-notch as well as they only hire those who belonged in the 99th percentile. If you decide to opt for their live classes, you would be at ease knowing that you are in capable hands. 

The company is confident in its abilities to improve your grades, so much so that it offers a full refund if you do not at the very least have a 50 point increase. After all, it boasts that its students improve their scores by an average of 140 points so what are the chances that you would not be able to improve by a mere 50?

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • Its courses are on the pricier side when compared to other budget courses.
  • Your scheduling may now be influenced by its limited live classes.


7. Target TestPrep GMAT


  • 800+ Video Lectures
  • 3,000+ Practice Questions
  • Personalised Study Plans


Target TestPrep’s sole focus used to be on the quantitative section of the GMAT. Although it still specialises in tackling issues contained in that section, it now has a complimentary GMAT verbal course while still maintaining the same price as it is!

The 3 packages it proffers are: Flexible Preparation ($99 per month), Dedicated Study ($299) and Maximum Learning ($399). The distinguishing factor between the 3 plans is the content access periods. The most popular course, Flexible Preparation, runs on a monthly subscription model while the latter two last for 4 months and 6 months respectively. 

Its courses are completely virtually manned, prominent features include a personalised study plan that adapts to your flaws and lays out strategies and tips to increase both your confidence and your scores. This would be the course to go for if you feel like your weakness lies in quantitative reasoning as this was what the course was built to handle.

All 800+ video lectures and 3,000 practice questions are aimed to aid you in understanding the section better and therefore increasing your overall score. 

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • No practice tests whatsoever.
  • It is an unfitting course if you are already well-versed in the quantitative section of the GMAT.


8. The Economist GMAT Tutor


  • 5,000+ Practice Questions
  • Private Tutoring


The Economist GMAT Tutor is another prep course that is completely carried out online. Like other tech-forward companies, it incorporates an interactive and adaptive software that adapts and tweaks the curriculum to aid you in the fastest way possible.

Three packages are available: Quant ($539), Premium ($789) and Genius ($989). The Quant course lives up to its namesake as it is a 2-month course that only offers materials for the quantitative and integrated reasoning sections. The latter two courses provide materials for all sections, furthermore, they have a longer content access period at 4 months and 6 months respectively. 

All of the plans come with varying amounts of private tutoring classes, if you are in need of focussed professional help to boost you up, this would be a viable course. Furthermore, there is even an “ask-a-tutor” chat function where you are able to ask away any complex questions you have, and an equally detailed answer from a highly qualified instructor would arrive within days. The Economist excels in providing virtual support to its students. 

If you have decided that this course just is not it for you, you can retract from the course within its free 7-day trial. Moreover, it promises an increase of 50 to 70 points depending on the package you pick, a refund could be demanded if those promises are not kept. 

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • There are no video lectures in this course, so if you are a visual learner this course may be unviable. 
  • It is not a cheap course as the lowest price “full” package is still $789. 


9. EMPOWERgmat


  • 100+ Video Lectures
  • 1,000 Practice Questions


EMPOWERgmat prep course has established itself in the GMAT test prep space by offering the most comprehensive and highest guarantees when it comes to improving your scores. 

There are two packages: the Month to Month ($99 per month) and the 3 Month Pack + Tests ($349). The names are self-explanatory, the former course has a monthly subscription model while the latter provides you with additional practice materials and demands a flat rate payment.

The sought after guarantee includes a 100-point improvement guarantee for those who ranged from the 200s to 580, a 70-point improvement guarantee for those who ranged from 590 to 640, and a guaranteed improvement for those who scored above 650. Any less and you will receive a full refund. 

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • Its curriculum is considered to be weaker than what most courses offer.


FAQ on Online GMAT Prep Courses

Do I need a GMAT online classes to succeed with my papers? 

Though you could technically pass or achieve a middling score all of your own accord, if you are aiming for high scores a GMAT prep course is near mandatory.

How much is an average GMAT test prep?

Price varies greatly from course to course. The cheaper options range from $200 to $500 while the more prestigious courses charge upwards of $2,000 or even more so if private tutoring is included. 

How long do I have to study for the GMAT prep?

It is highly suggested that one should dedicate at least 100 to 120 hours of study time to the preparation for the GMAT. This could be spread over 2 to 3 months of schedules. 

What is a good GMAT score?

A score of 800 is the highest possible mark you could achieve and a score of 200 the lowest. The median GMAT score would be 565. Most decent business schools would demand a score of at least 600 while the top business schools are keen on the 700s, a percentile that is higher than 88%. 


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