Australian Universities – Complete List

Determining which university you should go to has to be one of the most important decisions you could make. Education, social groups, prospects, opportunities, even ice-breaking sessions would be influenced by this single choice. If you have decided upon studying in Australia, this article aims to ease that nerve-wracking journey for you by giving you a brief run-through of what every single university in Australia entails!


Australian Capital Territory

Australian National University

Within the capital, Canberra, is the Australian National University. The grand name truly befits it as it was declared the highest-ranking Australian university by the QS World University Rankings 2021. As Australia’s cream of the crop, it doesn’t let down even on a global scale, landing on the 31st spot. Evidently, it’s the leading research university of the nation.

Naturally, admissions into the university are highly competitive with a 35% acceptance rate, nevertheless, if one were to succeed with their enrolment they would be awarded the very best education the country has to offer no matter the course they take.

University of Canberra

Also residing within Canberra is – the University of Canberra! Even with its relatively young age, it had been recognised to be the single fastest-rising university in the nation (QS World University Rankings 2021). Its portfolio includes 5 faculties that teach an assortment of programs that range from the arts to the sciences.

Although not as renowned as other select schools, this newer university certainly pulls its weight in the research department with 17 institutes available.


New South Wales

Australian Catholic University

A Catholic university that welcomes all. The Australian Catholic University possesses 7 campuses across the nation, allowing students a wide choice of locales they could choose, even from Brisbane to Adelaide. Even though the university lacks strong research ties, they do offer a wide variety of comparatively cheaper courses that includes bachelor’s, master and doctoral degrees.

Charles Sturt University

This multi-campus university boasts the highest graduate employment rate in the whole of Australia, with more than 80% of its graduates finding a job within a meagre 4 months. The Charles Sturt University proffers a wide variety of courses spread throughout its 5 campuses which have aided many in procuring strong industrial ties.

Macquarie University

Based in the bustling high-technology precinct of Sydney, Macquarie University prides itself on being research-intensive. With its strategic locale, students of the Macquarie campus are surrounded by 300 leading companies, opening avenues for students to easily tap into potential industrial connections.

It has been rated as the 12th ranked Australian university by the QS World University Rankings 2021, simultaneously bestowing it to be within the best 1% of universities in the world.

Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University is another newer institution that has been recognised as being one of the top 100 “young universities” by Times Higher Education. With three campuses which are respectively found in the Gold Coast, Lismore and Coffs Harbour, the university offers all kinds of possible environments one could select as a sanctuary for studying.

University of New England

The University of New England brims with history and alumni as it’s one of the oldest Australian universities. Positioned in the quaint Armidale, the university now operates mostly through online means with the highest proportion of online students (81%!) in the nation. Nevertheless, it excels through this medium as it’s the top-ranked university for online studies.

University of New South Wales

As the 4th best Australian university (QS World University Rankings 2021), the prestigious University of New South Wales certainly impresses. Located in Sydney, it’s internationally renowned for its courses in finance, accounting, law, business and engineering and it is obvious why this is so.

Start-up founders are often attracted to this university as it not only produces high-quality graduates but millionaires. In fact, it had educated the most millionaire-graduates in the country. It doesn’t even let up as a research university with an 8000-strong research community!

University of Newcastle

A multi-campus university present in Newcastle, Sydney, Port Macquarie and Ourimbah. The University of Newcastle has strong ties to the medical field, as it had after all pioneered several medical learning systems that are now mandated throughout Australia. Ranked as the number one university in the nation for industrial collaboration, it also labels itself as a research-intensive institution.

University of Sydney

Within the bustling Sydney lies Australia’s very first university. The gorgeous University of Sydney with its famed city-wide campus comes in nationally as the second best (QS World University Rankings 2021). Its spot as first runner-up is well deserved, as one of the leading universities of the world it had produced graduates that measured up as the very best in terms of employability.

The most diverse set of courses in Australia is present within this university, and the quality of the said courses is nevertheless guaranteed as evidenced by the multitude of excelling alumni it had churned – 7 Australian prime ministers were once educated there!

University of Technology, Sydney

Although it’s relatively young, that doesn’t stop the University of Technology, Sydney to make great strides with the education they provide in its campus located in the city centre. Regarded as the best “young university” in Australia, it ranks as the 9th leading university in the country (QS World University Rankings 2021).

Priding itself as a research-intensive university that produces great results, it possesses over 50 research institutes. It focuses on courses that align with industrial needs.

Western Sydney University

With 10 campuses across Sydney, the young university offers a multitude of academic programmes which includes its renowned nursing courses that landed the Western Sydney University the number one spot for learning to nurse in Australia (CWUR 2017). Even though it’s a newer university, it has made a name for itself, achieving the honour of being the 18th best Australian university according to the Times Higher Education rankings 2021.

University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong constantly improves upon itself throughout the years. Such consistency in its betterment had paved the way for a meteoric rise which placed the Wollongong institution as the 10th best Australian university (QS World University Rankings 2021). This elevation could be traced back to its excellent researching procedures.

Although it originally consisted mostly of locals from the region, international students now make up 30% of its community.


Northern Territory

Charles Darwin University

Tertiary education in the Northern Territory is almost solely represented by Charles Darwin University, one of the youngest universities in Australia. As the only university in the region, it naturally leads to high employability rates and starting salaries for their graduates (Good Universities Guide 2020).

With over 20 years of experience in online teaching, the university also seems fit for the current predicament we’re all in.



Bond University

Residing in Australia’s Gold Coast is the country’s first private non-profit university. Bond University is a considerably smaller university and yet it had managed to build itself a sizable reputation as it was ranked the 20th best small university in the world by Times Higher Education.

Its accelerated courses accompanied by the lowest student to staff ratio in the nation allowed its students to graduate faster with focused, personalised education.

Central Queensland University

In spite of its young age, Central Queensland University has quickly expanded to become the largest university in the nation. Sprawled across the entire country, it’s the only university with campuses in every mainland state.

As a university found almost everywhere in the country, it had welcomed many into its arms. It possesses the highest proportion of students from low socioeconomic backgrounds in Australia and it converts them into graduates with high employability rates regardless! 94% of their graduates are employed.

Griffith University

Represented with 6 campuses across Southeast Queensland, Griffith University is one of the oldest of the “young universities” in Australia. Right before the 50th year since its establishment, it managed to nab the 33rd spot in QS Rankings 2021’s “Top 50 under 50”. It had introduced the degrees of Asian Studies, Environmental Science, Dental Technology and Forensic Science to Australia and is naturally well-versed in teaching them.

James Cook University

Within North Queensland is James Cook University. Its two campuses leverage on being positioned at the backyard of rainforests and even the iconic Great Barrier Reef to great effect with the stunning research they have produced on the subject matter.

Placing much emphasis on environmental, earth and marine sciences, it’s the leading Australian university for education and research on the tropics. It had even been rated the single best university in the world for Marine and Freshwater Biology studies (CWUR 2017)!

Queensland University of Technology

Its status as a young university certainly doesn’t hold it back as the Queensland University of Technology is currently ranked as the 13th best Australian University (QS World University Rankings 2021). Its ranking has been consistently impressive for years.

As one could surmise from its name, the university places a priority on the research and teachings of advances in technology. Nevertheless, they do offer a variance of courses, more than 650 for that matter!

University of Queensland

A prestigious institution that has claimed the 5th rank within Australia and the 46th rank globally (QS World University Rankings 2021). Owning more than 100 research centres that mostly centred around the sciences, it proudly owns dozens of accolades with its brilliant research contributions that benefited the world.

Though outstanding, research isn’t the only thing the university is famed for as its Business School is ranked amongst the best in the world. Its teaching of engineering disciplines also impresses, particularly that of mining and mineral engineering.

University of Southern Queensland

With three campuses spaced throughout Queensland and a student population made up of over 90 nationalities, the University of Southern Queensland is the most multicultural university in the country. It even has a quaint Japanese Garden for the enjoyment of its students!

It’s a young institution that easily adapted to changing times, being one of the first Australian universities to offer online education for nearly all its courses. It honed its digital platform to the extent that 75% of its students study online.

University of the Sunshine Coast

A young, modern university that is rapidly growing in size and reputation. Befitting its name, its famed environmentally friendly campus sits on a wildlife reserve surrounded by beaches and rainforests with sunshine all year round. The institution offers a variety of available studies and its research often centres around sustainability issues and regional matters.

It has achieved the highest grades possible for teaching quality for a consistent 15 years as per the Good Universities Guide 2021.


South Australia

Flinders University

Located in both Tonsley and the inner suburbs and city-centre of Adelaide, Flinders University offers a multitude of graduate and post-graduate programs. However, it notably excels with its medical programs and faculties, the research conducted in the university also often revolves around medical subjects. According to the Good Universities Guide 2020, its graduates from the medical programs have the highest employability rates in the field.

Torrens University Australia

One of the youngest universities in Australia, Torrens University is a private institution that had opened its gates in 2013. Nevertheless, as part of the Laureate International Universities network, its reach grew quickly. It now has 15 campuses across the country, namely in the cities of Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Torrens University offers a variety of courses that could be divided into the 5 fields of Design, Business, Education, Health and Hospitality.

University of Adelaide

Adelaide’s historic university had laid claim as the 8th best Australian university as per the QS World University Rankings 2021. As one of the leading institutions of the nation, it teaches an abundance of studies which include the sciences and medicine where it excels.

It doesn’t disappoint in researching either, as a significant amount of its contributions had aided the development of the modern world we know today, it’s consistently touted by university ranking methodologies as a leading research university.

University of South Australia

The largest university within South Australia, it’s comprised of 6 campuses of which 4 are positioned in Adelaide. It’s consistently amongst the best “young universities” in the world with Times Higher Education rating it as the 25th.

It has an impressive portfolio of 200 degrees across a range of academic disciplines, furthermore, it has strong industrial ties as evidenced by its collaboration with more than 2500 companies worldwide.



University of Tasmania

The only university in Tasmania is also one of the country’s oldest. As the sole Tasmanian university, it strongly preserves its identity but it nevertheless offers a diverse range of degrees that are international in scope. It excels with sciences relating to environmental nature.

Its Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, in particular, provides one of the best education in oceanography the nation could offer.



Deakin University

A young university that is ranked amongst the best of “young universities” in the world, Deakin University is a research-based university that’s ever-growing at a rapid pace. Though many courses are provided, it’s its Business courses that are consistently showered with awards. The university also holds the highest student satisfaction rate in all of Victoria.

Federation University Australia

Based in Ballarat, Federation University Australia is one of the oldest providers of tertiary education in the country. With its long history in education, it has honed its teaching methods to a tee, with the Good Universities Guide 2021 rating it as the university with the best quality teaching in the country.

La Trobe University

Found in the world’s most livable city, Melbourne, La Trobe University provides a variance of programs through its two colleges that respectively centres around Arts, Social Science and Commerce and Science, Health and Engineering.

Its shining programs would be sports-related topics as it landed within the top 50 universities that are the best for the subject matter (QS Subject Rankings 2020).

Monash University

Melbourne’s Monash University had achieved the honour of being the 6th best Australian university after jumping over three spots internationally from last year (QS World University Rankings 2021). Represented by 5 campuses sprawled throughout Victoria, the university is consistently ranked among the best nationally and internationally.

Its portfolio includes one of the largest variety of degrees nationally with over 140 available, of those, its teachings of Pharmacy & Pharmacology stands out the most with it landing the 2nd spot globally (QS Rankings 2020). Partnered with over 100 international companies, its research standards are internationally recognised. Naturally, admission into this esteemed university would be highly competitive.

RMIT University

Starting off as a college that slowly evolved into a university over the course of a hundred years, RMIT University is one of the wealthiest universities in the country. That fact speaks volumes about this ‘young’ university’s abilities, furthermore, it also achieved the 18th spot in QS Ranking 2021’s “Top 50 under 50”.

Mainly based in Melbourne, the university is the singular leading art and design institution of the nation, finding itself as the 11th best for that subject matter in the world (QS Rankings 2020).

Swinburne University of Technology

A pleasant surprise due to its name, Swinburne University of Technology is also a top art and design institution, being ranked the 43rd best globally for that subject matter (QS Rankings 2020). Regardless, it also lives up to its name as it ranked highly in the fields of physics and engineering as well.

University of Divinity

Staying true to its namesake, this private institution does indeed highly specialise in divinity related subjects like theology, philosophy and ministry. Associated with a number of churches, the university often revolves its teachings around religion.

Students of the University of Divinity and are amongst the most satisfied in the country, claiming the very top spot according to a 2019 Student Experience Survey.

University of Melbourne

Often vying for the title of Australia’s best university is the University of Melbourne. It’s currently ranked as the 3rd best by the QS World University Rankings 2021. The second oldest university, its main campus is positioned in the fringe of Melbourne’s CBD.

Befitting its rank, the University of Melbourne focuses intensely on research with the largest cohort of research students in the country. It is sectioned into 10 faculties which covers a wide variance of programs. Its law courses are amongst the world’s best with QS Ranking 2020 rating it as the 10th most suited university for the discipline.

Victoria University

With its campuses spanning across Melbourne and Sydney, Victoria University is a young university known for its exceptional research on community and industry engagement. The university offers a diverse set of practical, industrial-based courses that include vocational education programs and even specialised diplomas that opens up direct pathways to bachelor programs.


Western Australia

Curtin University

Tied with the Queensland University of Technology for the title of the 13th best Australian university is none other than Perth’s Curtin University (QS Rankings 2021). Renowned as the country’s first university of technology, Curtin University involves itself in an assortment of academic and practical research through its dealings with 70 odd research centres.

It’s known for its fantastic courses in Engineering – Mines and Minerals, being ranked the 2nd best globally for the subject by the QS Rankings 2020.

Edith Cowan University

Western Australia’s youngest university doesn’t allow its youth to slow it down at all as it implements the largest Nursing program in the state of Perth. Its namesake belongs to that of the first woman who sat in the Australian Parliament.

In line with its belief that education is key to societal growth, Edith Cowan University received 5-stars for its teaching quality for 14 years in the Good Universities Guide. It offers over 250 courses of which most are available through a virtual avenue.

Murdoch University

Also located in Perth is Murdoch University. Its label of being a research-intensive university is not unfounded as it’s a member of the Innovative Research Universities Group of Australia. Amongst the numerous programs they offer, its undergraduate courses in engineering, nursing, psychology and health services excel as one of the bests in Western Australia.

University of Notre Dame Australia

This university is a private Catholic institution, Australia’s very first. Alongside campuses in Broome, Fremantle and Sydney, the University of Notre Dame Australia also owns 7 clinical schools scattered across New South Wales and Victoria. A diverse set of programs are provided from arts to sciences, law to medicine.

It consistently records high student satisfaction with the 2019 Student Experience Survey placing in at 2nd place in that regard.

University of Western Australia

Finishing off the list is the University of Western Australia, it’s the oldest university within Western Australia and it regularly ranks within the world’s top 100 universities in most ranking methodologies and now holds the spot of the 7th best Australian university (QS World University Rankings 2021). With more than 80 research centres, it’s the leading research university in Western Australia.

The institution offers an array of courses of which it’s fields of clinical medicine and pharmacy and agricultural science are particularly renowned.

Final words

With all of the Australian universities briefly detailed here, we hope that you would be able to soon make a definitive choice on which one of them is the best suited for you. We wish you the very best of luck in working towards your dream school!