10 Best CPA Review Courses for 2023: (Study Program and Study Material)

The path to becoming a CPA is gruelling and certainly not one for the faint-hearted. With a 50% passing rate, CPA exams are notoriously known for being one of the most difficult professional entry papers in the world. In order to land yourself in that 50% of students, there is a necessitation of immense determination, diligence and discipline from your own self alongside certain assistance. 

This support often comes in the form of CPA Review Courses. These streamlined, comprehensive courses filled with all the necessary materials are almost essential when it comes to tackling the daunting CPA exams. It would otherwise be exhausting to piece together all the scattered materials just to learn effectively.

In this article, we will be going through the multitude of courses out there to determine which of them lie amongst the best CPA Review Courses in 2023. We aim for you to walk away from this article with informed choices in mind.

Factors to be considered when choosing CPA Prep Course

Before choosing the right CPA review course for yourself, you would need to mull over a considerable amount of factors. After all, these courses are not cheap and you would be using them vigorously for months, even years in certain circumstances. It is an avenue for you to dive into the professional services world. You need to ensure that the option you have picked is truly the right fit for you.


The most expensive courses soon to be listed here are nearly triple the price of the cheapest one. Although these courses and their varying qualities would definitely contribute to what you will achieve in the CPA exam, ultimately, your very own hard work would be the main deciding factor.

If you are a student on a tight budget, no review course would be worth the additional expenditure that could burden you and your family. There still are excellent, affordable courses that would allow you to achieve similar results – with just perhaps more effort put in on your part.

However, if you could afford the best, then you should definitely go for the cream of the crop as they are priced that high for a reason. Their values are truly worth that price tag when you are not in a vulnerable position financially.

Content Access Period

It is highly encouraged that you pick a course that offers packages with unlimited access to their materials, free from time restraints. Though it is definitely ideal if you could pass the infamously lengthy CPA exams within a few months, reality may not be that simple. For many, life just gets in the way with its unexpected changes or existing heaping responsibilities.

The time frame you have envisioned may not come to fruition. Time passes by like a breeze, without unlimited access, months would pass and you may be confronted with an email that informs you that you no longer have access to the course. Furthermore, failing the CPA exams is also unfortunately a real possibility for many.

A course without time constraints lets you be at ease with your pace without the threat of paying for the course yet again.

Materials offered and their quantity

Video lectures, multiple-choice questions and simulations are a must. Anything else is an appreciated bonus. You should keep an eye on the number of hours contained within the lectures offered and the number of practice questions there are. Ordinarily, the more materials offered the better. Practice makes perfect after all.

Furthermore, the special features of each course that accompanies the essential materials offered are crucial to how you make your decision as well. This leads us to the next point.

Your learning style and personal preference

There are no “one-size-fits-all” courses out there. You need to bear your own learning style and preferences in mind whilst deciding on a course as all of them are unique in their own way with their respective special features and consequently, how they present their materials.

If you are often easily distracted then UWorld Roger and its lively, attention-grabbing lectures may be best suited for you. If you desire to practice with task-based simulations then Gleim with its plentiful amount of simulations would be the right choice. If you want the course to adjust itself to improve upon your weak points then Surgent and its advanced Artificial Intelligence tool would be your best friend.

Though neither of the 3 courses above is considered the single best CPA review course for the year 2023 in this article, they could evidently be considered as the best choice for your personal needs. Ultimately, your own idiosyncrasy would decide on what is the perfect course for you. You should get familiar with them.

With all that said, it is time to go into what are the best CPA Review Courses in 2023.

Best CPA Review Courses

1. Becker’s CPA Review Course


  • Unlimited Access available
  • Final Review included
  • 1,400+ flashcards
  • 9,000+ MCQs
  • 750+ video lectures (800+ hours worth)
  • 400+ simulations
  • Hard Copy & Digital Books
  • LiveOnline Classroom Scheduling option
  • Fresh content mapped to CPA exam blueprints
  • Adapt2U Technology

As one of the oldest CPA review courses out there, the Becker CPA review possesses unparalleled experience worth decades. It is unsurprising that it is the gold standard in the market, the most distinguished of all the courses and our overall top pick of 2023. Though heftily priced, the sheer amount of quality materials is worth their weight in gold.

Lauded by CPAs across the world, it is a trusted name amongst accounting firms, even the Big 4 endorses this course, confident that it would be the final boost needed to elevate their employees into becoming CPAs.

Becker CPA Review offers three different courses: Advantage ($2,399), Premium ($2,999) and Pro ($3,499).

Premium would be the most viable course for most with unlimited access to its materials. Advantage which only lasts 24 months does not offer that, alongside several of the features listed above. Pro could also be chosen for that full confidence during the CPA exams with its live in-person classes and 5 hours worth of 1 on 1 tutoring. However, its high price must be taken into consideration.

The courses strike a wonderful balance between quantity and quality, offering one of the largest databases of materials out there without compromising their respective stellar quality.  It provides over 9000+ MCQs and 400+ simulations, though not as numerous as Wiley CPAexcel, it is definitely sufficiently staggering for most.

Its curriculum is extremely comprehensive, covering all 4 sections of the CPA exam succinctly. Modules have a simplistic flow of lectures, skills practice, MCQs and simulations. The course material within it reflects that of AICPA exam blueprints, covering everything that could possibly be examined in the actual papers. As such, it truly does hone every area you could imagine.

Its extensive amounts of high-quality video lectures are taught in a manner where its textbook itself syncs with the video as it is seamlessly integrated into them – instructors rarely appear visually, their voices would accompany you as you read along at your own pace.

Furthermore, it is the sole course that follows up their task-based simulations with over 500 instructor-led “SkillMaster” videos where an expert thoroughly explains the simulation with step-by-step instructions. When 50% of a CPA Exam consists of task-based simulations, this is a complete lifesaver.

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, “Adapt2U”, resides within the course to streamline the modules and learning categories to tackle your weak points to better prepare you. Although its AI is not as advanced as that of Surgent CPA’s is, it is nevertheless a welcome sight.

If all that was not enough, it is one of the only two CPA review courses that offer “LiveOnline” courses whereby a learner is given the opportunity to interact with lecturers in real-time and shoot away questions at them if they still have any left after the thorough teachings the video lectures had given.

Additional upsides to the course include a final review, a beautifully neat user interface, well-written prep books, a convenient mobile app, 12 never before seen simulated exams that perfectly mirrors the real thing, customisable practice questions and so much more.

All in all, you would love this course if you are a dedicated self-studier that could afford and want to be pampered by the best in the business. Just put in the works and the course will affirmably carry you to the finish line.

Though certain individual aspects of the Becker CPA review may not be the best, it is certainly hands-down the best CPA review course overall. The whole is greater than the sums of its parts. No other course brandishes this huge amount of materials with such quality.

However, you should be aware that it is one of the most expensive options, it is consequently not suitable for those who are tight on money especially since there is an assortment of affordable courses out there. Furthermore, it does not offer audio-only lectures which may be a nuisance to those who wish to study while in commute or while exercising.

2. Wiley CPAexcel Review Course


  • Unlimited Access available
  • Final Review included
  • 4,000+ flashcards
  • 1,000+ printed flashcards
  • 12,000+ MCQs
  • 500+ simulations
  • Task-based simulation video reviews
  • 60+ video lectures (120+ hours worth)
  • 5,000 true/false drill questions
  • Hard Copy & Digital books
  • 1-on-1 eligibility support
  • Printed focus notes
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Personalised exam planner

Another giant of the business, Wiley CPAexcel is one of the oldest and most respected CPA review courses in the industry with an absolutely ludicrous amount of practice materials within its portfolio. It is famed for its approach in breaking down lengthy, complex areas of studies into manageable bite-sized chunks that could be easily understood.

The course is popular amongst working adults and busy candidates as it splits all the vital materials demanded by the AICPA blueprint into sessions that could be completed within 10 to 20 minutes, allowing them to leap bounds across topics without dedicating hours every day.

Wiley CPAexcel offers three tiers of their course, all with unlimited access: Essentials ($1,799), Pro ($2,199) and Platinum ($2,499). Right out of the gate, its courses are all cheaper than the equivalents from their main competitor, Becker.

Though Essentials’ cheap price may be appealing it should be noted that it is comparatively barebones compared to the other packages, lacking many of their principal features like video lectures and mentoring. Pro would be our package of choice as it contains almost every feature listed above with the exception of the cram course final review. That would only be available with an additional $300 through Platinum.

Its video lectures, though short and comparatively few, are high-quality productions. The leading lecturers teach in front of a colourful digital whiteboard filled with quick, ever-changing information.

However, Wiley CPAexcel’s main draw is the sheer number of high-quality practice material it offers, the most out of any CPA review courses. 12,000+ MCQs and 500+ simulations are part of the numbers we are talking about. With such massive amounts of materials, you would be showered with an endless stream of diverse questions that probe you from all angles, making you more well-rounded for the exams.

Nevertheless, you may ask yourself what would be the point of these mountainous materials if you do not have the time to complete them, after all, isn’t the course catered towards the busy? This when their adaptive software comes in, “FocusMe Technology”. The software moulds the barrages of questions it throws at you to your weaknesses, ensuring that you do not waste time with what you are already well-versed in.

Like Becker, Wiley CPAexcel also offers live cpa classes through digital means, a rarity among the CPA review courses. However, it should be noted that the live cpa classes in Wiley CPAexcel are less extensive than those of Becker’s. Regardless, it is a welcome feature as you get to interact with their highly knowledgeable lecturers.

Its additional resources are endless as you could tell by the numbers of features listed above. The most notable amongst them is the 1-on-1 eligibility support also known in common terms as personal tutoring. An expert would be assigned to aid you with anything from exam strategies to simple questions on topics you do not understand.

All in all, you would love this course with its never-ending stream of course materials if you live by the motto “practice makes perfect”. It is a suitable course for those with a bustling schedule.

However, you should be aware that there is very little content within its video lectures as though they are concise, they breeze through many important topics. Furthermore, the engagement of their lecturers may be a little lacking. It also offers no audio-only lectures.

3. Surgent CPA Review


  • Unlimited Access available
  • Final Review included
  • 350+ video lectures (worth 120+ hours)
  • 7,700+ MCQs
  • 400+ simulations
  • 2,000+ flashcards
  • Hard Copy books
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • A.S.A.P technology
  • ReadySCORE
  • MyMCQ function

Surgent CPA review’s claim to fame is its use of breathtakingly advanced AI technology, they boast to have the best AI-driven tools and software in the game and its students can confidently testify to that.

With its “adaptive learning technology”, Surgent promises that it could carry you to the finish-line of at least 75% in each section of the CPA exam under half the time the other CPA review courses would take. Guaranteeing a pass, Surgent is befittingly all about precision and efficiency.

Surgent CPA Review offers 3 distinct packages, all with unlimited access: Essentials Pass ($1,599), Premier Pass ($2,399) and Ultimate Pass ($2,999). They are all worth their prices for the resources they offer alongside its advanced support tools.

The Essential Pass does offer you the feature that defines Surgent, its signature AI technology, alongside the vital video lectures, practice questions and e-books, however, that is about it. Its Premier Pass provides all that alongside hardcopy books, flashcards and 1-on-1 tutor. Their Ultimate Pass functions principally the same as Premier with some extra resources included: audio lectures and customer support.

Its 350+ video lectures are like Wiley’s, short and straight to the point with each lasting 10 to 20 minutes. Nevertheless, these highly produced videos are thoroughly educational with their lecturers’ concise, detailed teachings and digestible information within slide notes.

Before we dive into Surgent’s sheer breadth of practice materials with its 7,700+ MCQs and its 400+ simulations, we shall first address the special feature that accompanies them: Surgent’s famed adaptive learning software called “Adaptive Study and Accelerated Performance” fittingly abbreviated as “A.S.A.P. Technology”.

The algorithms are all about finding the chinks in your armour and enforcing them. Though other courses also offer similar AI supporting tools, none of them would amount to be as advanced or “adaptive” as A.S.A.P. Technology. To start off with, the course demands you to fill up an assessment of 350 questions in order for its software to properly gauge your standing, evidently, a lot more effort has been put in to find that out.

Once that has been done, you would be accompanied with a “ReadySCORE”, a predictive score tool that gauges how you would do if you were to take a specific section of the CPA exam on that very day. This smart technology had been hailed as extremely accurate. Furthermore, its “Daily Surge” would direct you on what to study and what questions you should practice based on your weaknesses.

Its 7,700 MCQs are supported by the “MyMCQ” function that fluctuates the questions’ difficulty based on how you are reacting to them, allowing you to grasp the basics if need be. All of its MCQs are also accompanied by very thorough text explanations, almost unheard of especially when there is an astonishing 7,700+ MCQs. Its 400+ simulations are also great at replicating those of the CPA exams’.

With additional features like its clean interface, detailed books, 1-on-1 with an experienced tutor and more, Surgent CPA review is not one to miss out on.

All in all, you would love this course if you are keen on finishing the CPA exam efficiently and quickly while being at your own pace as Surgent and its technological advancements will guide you perfectly to that goal.

However, you should be aware that you may be the few that could find its signature software frustrating with its constant updates and extremely specific study schedules. Moreover, the course has completely replaced its human touch by offering no live classes unlike the two above.

4. Gleim CPA Review Course


  • Unlimited access available
  • Full review included
  • 450+ video lectures (worth 100+ hours)
  • 10,000+ MCQs
  • 1,300+ simulators
  • Guidance from Personal Counselors
  • Hard Copy books
  • Digital Flashcards
  • Audio lectures

Gleim CPA Review Course has existed for decades, throughout the years it had amassed much respect and acclaim for its extremely detailed and bountiful materials. It had assisted over a million CPA candidates to pass their papers.

Its whole deal is simple: it gets you more than prepared for the actual CPA exams. Gleim is renowned for its excruciatingly thorough and robust curriculum and practice questions that cover anything the AICPA could throw at you. In fact, some of the questions within the course are even harder and more in-depth than that of the CPA papers! If you could handle this course, you could definitely handle a CPA exam.

They have two packages within their portfolio, the Traditional Review System ($1,599) and the Premium Review System ($1,999). It is highly suggested that you pursue the latter package as the Traditional Review System does not offer unlimited access nor does it offer the essential video lectures.

As you may have noticed, Gleam is priced considerably cheaper than most of the top-courses, however, do not let that price tag fool you as it does not sacrifice one bit of its quality to be affordable at all. The fact that the course stands amongst the best on the basis of its robust curriculum is a testament to what a steal it is. It is one of the most affordable yet high-quality courses out there.

The instructional materials for its modules generally consist of the Gleim books followed by video lectures and flashcards. Its prep books are fantastic, highly-rated and as per-usual very thorough. They lie amongst the best there are. Being there since the start of the Gleim CPA Review Course, they are constantly updated and revised with fresh contents from the leading experts in the field.

Its video lectures do not drone on with each of them ranging from 10 to 30 minutes. The expert lecturer stands in front of a digital whiteboard that whizzes around with notes. Although short, the lessons are jam-packed with information, though not enough to overwhelm students.

Its test bank of MCQs is only bested in numbers by Wiley. All 10,000+ of those questions are very realistically drafted, being identical to the questions in the CPA exams. Going for the actual paper would feel like a familiar action after going through these questions. Moreover, detailed explanations follow most of the MCQs, covering all the answer choices.

Gleim proudly owns the most practice simulations amongst all the available courses with over 1,300+ simulations. A huge advantage for its students as 50% of your CPA exam grade comes from task-based simulations. As always, the simulations themselves are detailed and of high-quality.

Additional features include a software tool that adapts to your weakness and track your progress and academic support whereby students could shoot away any question and a response will come in within a day.

All in all, you would love this course if you struggle with understanding concepts and want to have the most detailed CPA exam study materials possible. Gleim is ideal with its impossible volume of practice questions.

However, you should be aware that its curriculum and practice questions may be too detailed for its own good, teetering on being overwhelming. Its contents are almost always filled with texts of technical jargons that may put off many.

5. UWorld Roger CPA Review Course


  • Unlimited Access available
  • 120+ hours worth of video lectures
  • 6000+ MCQs
  • 200+ simulations
  • Final review included
  • Digital Flashcards
  • Mnemonics
  • Hard Copy & Digital Textbooks
  • 24/7 online support
  • Coaching
  • SmartPath predictive technology

UWorld Roger CPA Review Course pumps out the most engaging and enjoyable content amongst all the courses with its wickedly fun video lectures. The main draw of the course is the titular Roger Philipp himself. Just a quick search on YouTube would tell you all you need to know about his sheer entertainment value.

Roger Philipp is befittingly the main driving force behind the course with his dynamic, upbeat video lectures where his energy draws you in and refuses to let go, turning even an admittedly dry topic like accounting into something exciting. Moreover, large portions of the companion books and MCQs are written by the man himself.

There are two different packages within the course: Premier ($1,899) and Elite ($2,999). Although it is more expensive by eleven hundred dollars, we highly suggest its bestseller, the Elite option as it comes with unlimited access, its famed cram course “final review” and access to coaching with its Study Hub.

We have already spoken at length about how utterly engaging the video lectures are but what about its technical aspects? The production value of the videos is not the best with the traditional physical whiteboard where Roger writes and draws on. Nevertheless, it suffices as it is accompanied by an eBook that correlates with the lecture.

Roger himself does an excellent job at explaining complex concepts while bouncing around, furthermore, the course accompanies his lectures with his unique way of drilling knowledge into you, the “Roger Method”: a blend of memorization techniques, memory aids and mnemonics to instil those lessons and the text in your head.

The course offers more than just its fantastic video lectures, they possess 6,000+ MCQs and 200+ simulations that closely mirror those of the CPA exams within their portfolio. Moreover, these practice questions are supported by very thorough explanations filled with visual aids.

It does not lag behind technological-wise either with its “SmartPath Predictive Technology”. It is a supporting software that tracks and compares your current progression to a successful CPA candidate, it would calculate your likelihood of passing through the use of your data. There are also more rudimentary performance trackers in place.

Additional features include mentoring sessions, a neat and modern interface after being acquired by tech giant UWorld, audio lectures that are just as engaging and its renowned cram courses that focus heavily on the most frequent topics that pop up in the CPA exam.

All in all, you would love this course if you are a student who is easily distracted and in need of engaging content to stay focused. Moreover, if you are also a visual and audible learner, there is no better course out there for you.

However, you should be aware that though the quality of its lectures may be high, its quantity may be a little lacking. As such you may find that the lectures do not cover as much grounds as they should. Furthermore, its prep books also suffer from being less detailed than its competitors’.

6.Yaeger CPA Review Course


  • 120+ hours of video lectures
  • 5000+ MCQs
  • 160+ simulations
  • 2000+ Digital Flashcards
  • Final Review included
  • Live Instructor Hotline
  • 2 phone calls from the founder
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Personalised Support System
  • Hard Copy & Digital books

While the Yaeger CPA review course may not have powerful adaptive technology like Surgent nor does it have a singular powerhouse lecturer like Roger, it offers a simple, comfortable alternative: personal human touch. Contrasting the many commercialised courses out there, it has hands-down the best personalised support system in the game.

When you are struggling with trudging through the cold technicalities of accounting, this warm and intimate learning environment would gently guide you through them. They are so dedicated to their “student-first” approach that you even get two 15-minute calls from the founder himself, Phil Yaeger, to aid you with your study plans and progression.

The course proffers two separate packages: CPA Review Bundle ($999) and CPA Review Bundle + ($1,399). The first thing you would notice is that these courses are cheap, very cheap. They are one of the very best-valued budget courses out there, sacrificing none of the quality of its materials.

It is suggested that you pursue the latter bundle. This bundle is still very affordable and it has everything the other has with the addition of hard copy books, a final review cram course, extra audio lectures and of course the lauded “Live Instructor Hotline” which provides so much of the personal touch you have heard about.

The video lectures are traditional, what you could find in a normal accounting classroom, just a lecturer, Phil Yaeger, and his whiteboard. Nevertheless, there is a modern pop to them as a digital textbook lies just beside the video and syncs up perfectly for you to read. Like traditional lectures, they are very thorough.

Similarly, the course’s 5,000+ MCQs and 200+ simulations are reflective of the actual CPA exam, they are incredibly alike. Though it lags behind in terms of the numbers of practice questions, you could rest assured knowing that they are still very comprehensive in covering all the necessary grounds, and all that for a budget price.

Its cram courses also promise a 5-15 mark score increase and they are indeed very efficient with Phil Yaeger pumping out concise explanations to refresh your memories. The books are also fantastically written with great examples.

Now, the finer details of the personalised support given. As Phil Yaeger said, he and the rest of the instructors are just a call or an email away. Regardless if you are feeling down about your prospects or you have technical questions bugging you, a simple call and they will give you a helping hand. Its “Live Instructor Hotline” is especially stellar, allowing you to schedule a meeting with top instructors within 2 hours.

All in all, you would love this course if you want a course to provide you with constant human support, explaining away any complexity you do not understand or just simply lending an ear for you during a bad day.

However, you should be aware that both of the packages do not offer unlimited access, they are time-bound within 24 months. Moreover, the traditional lectures may be dry and off-putting to many.

7. Fast Forward Academy CPA Review Course


  • Unlimited Access available
  • 470 video lectures (80+ hours worth)
  • 6,800+ MCQs
  • 230+ simulations
  • Hard Copy books
  • Adaptive Courses Software
  • Digital Flashcard Creator

The new kid on the block, Fast Forward Academy Review Course is making strides in the sphere of CPA review courses by being very affordable and very stream-lined with its adaptive software. It had dominated the Enrolled Agent prep courses arena and now it carries over its experience to the field of CPA preparation.

It offers three tiers of packages: CPA Study Guide ($600), CPA Online Course ($1049) and CPA Smart Bundle ($1,549). It is suggested that you pursue either of the latter two as the CPA Study Guide only contains paperback books.

Both the CPA exam preparation courses online and the CPA Smart Bundle possess all of the stated features above. The advantage with the CPA Smart Bundle is that you would receive the additional paperback material that the CPA Review Online Course misses out on, solely being a virtual experience. As can be seen, its prices for all of its courses are very affordable and reasonable, a great budget pick.

Within the course is over 80+ hours worth of lectures from Brian Hock. Its video lectures are traditional, a lecturer and bullet points accompanying him. You would need your textbooks on hand to keep up with the lectures. The lectures are nonetheless very comprehensive.

It possesses a clean, intuitive dashboard thanks to its adaptive software which tracks your progress, locates your weaknesses and comes up with a study plan to counteract it. The tool would guide you through your weak points when it comes to tackling its 6,800+ MCQs and 230+ simulations which are accompanied by sufficiently detailed explanations.

The interface is very versatile, allowing you all sorts of conveniences like performing questions while watching a lecture. It also possesses a digital flashcard maker that you could optimise for your studies.

All in all, it is a fine affordable choice filled with modern features. Its course selection page also allows you to pick and choose the features that you want or particular materials for specific exam sections, allowing you flexibility while lessening your financial burden.

However, you should be aware that although there is a flashcard creator, they do not actually provide you with their own pre-made flashcards. As a newer CPA review course provider, it lacks many essential features like a final review and audio lessons, furthermore, as it is just starting out its materials may not be as polished as the others.

8. Universal CPA Review Course


  • Unlimited Access available
  • Animated Video Lectures (40+ hours worth)
  • 5,000+ MCQs
  • 200+ simulations
  • Video Explanations for MCQs (13+ hours worth)
  • 1500 pages worth of textbooks
  • Pass the Exam or Your Money Back guarantee

Although it provides for full courses, that is not what the Universal CPA Review Course is known for, it is known for its targeted, cheap bundles that are meant to be supplemental materials that build off other existing courses that you are already enrolled in.

The course offers an unheard combination of packages and bundle options, the most within the CPA review course arena. Striking a flawless balance between flexibility and affordability, its materials provide many students with a leg-up in their CPA exams that the courses they were using could not.

Amongst its bundle options are the Complete Bundle ($999), its full course which provides 200+ simulations, an additional 30+ hours of animated video lectures and thousands more MCQs as it needs to cover the full AICPA curriculum.

Its most popular bundles however are its 4 test banks that address each of the exam sections respectively in the CPA Papers. Each of these bundles cost a mere $299, they all offer unlimited access, 1000+ MCQs, 45+ simulations, 300+ pages worth of textbooks, 10+ hours worth of animated lectures and finally to ease your heart when purchasing them, a “Pass the Exam or Your Money Back” guarantee.

Even though its practice materials are considered “supplemental”, they still are unique, never before seen, high-quality questions that are crafted after the likeness of the AICPA blueprint. Furthermore, a large portion of its MCQs is accompanied by wonderfully animated videos that explain the process step by step. It is perfect for visual learners.

All in all, if you know which of the various topics within the CPA exam are your strengths and your weaknesses, you could opt for its extremely customisable and cheap targeted courses. After all, many larger providers would offer a specific test bank within its entire highly-priced comprehensive course. You could save up some bucks by choosing a supplemental course like this.

However, you should be aware that its full course is not very comprehensive and you should ultimately treat it as supplemental material regardless. It is ultimately still a new provider that has to play to its strengths.

9. Lambers CPA Review Course


  • Unlimited Access available
  • 5,000+ MCQs
  • 90+ hours of video lectures
  • Audio Review
  • 24/7 Instructor Hotline

Being in the business for over 40 years, Lambers CPA Review Course has a wealth of experience. Similar to Universal, Lambers is more known for its individual packages that each tackles one of the four exam sections in the CPA Papers rather than its full package that covers the entire curriculum. They provide a flexible pricing structure that allows you to pick what you want to be more confident with.

Its full package, the Lambers CPA Enhanced Test Prep (All Four Parts) costs $999 and its 4 individual Enhanced Test Prep costs $249 each. Evidently, all of the bundles they offer are very affordable as they admittedly carry fewer materials than most other courses. However, they do that by design, preferring an absolutely no-nonsense approach.

Lambers is popular amongst students who are already enrolled in a course but want additional help in particular sections and students who are on their second or third attempt at the CPA exam who just want to focus on specific areas they are weak in to boost their scores up. As such, Lambers is in itself similar to a cram course.

Its lectures and practice questions are intentionally not numerous, instead of overwhelming you with information that you either cannot cope with or probably already received from another course, it is a very stream-lined, concise and efficient course that has cut out most of the fluff just to give you enough information to pass.

The adaptive software detects your weaknesses and tweaks the already stream-lined questions into being even better suited for you. It truly possesses the ultimate supplemental cram course packages within its portfolio.

All in all, you would love this course if you are a student who wants additional materials at a cheap price or if you are a student who is attempting the CPA exam again as it offers Moneyback Guarantees if you have failed more than once with it.

However, you should be aware that it lacks many of the essential materials that make up the other courses like flashcards and more. Again, it also has limited practice materials by intention.

10. Ninja CPA Review Course


  • Monthly Subscription Plan
  • 6,500+ MCQs
  • 200+ simulations
  • 100+ cram videos
  • 1,700+ pages worth of Digital Notes
  • Digital Flashcards
  • Weekly Online Group Tutoring
  • Private study forms and social networks

The Ninja CPA Review Course is also known for its supporting role with its excellent supplementary materials and resources. It does have a twist to it though, instead of presenting itself through an assortment of bundles that cost a set price it is instead a monthly subscription model with a hassle-free cancellation option.

All 4 of its packages each cover an exam section in the CPA papers respectively and all 4 of them each cost $67 a month. Yes, you could indeed waddle into a package and download its materials like the notes, audio and books, however, it should be noted that these materials are encouraged to be used in conjunction with their MCQs.

Evidently, it offers very competitive pricing while leaving you in a flexible position of low commitment. After all, you could simply pull out after a month if you decide that it is not for you or if you had enough of it.

Nevertheless, for a “supplementary course”, it has a very wide breadth of materials, the total amount of materials across all 4 of the packages: 6,500+ MCQs, 200+ simulations, 100+ cram videos and more could put up a fight against the more established courses. Its notes are very concise, refusing to drag on and on like normal textbooks. The courses as a whole or by themselves serve as excellent cram courses too.

All in all, you would love this course if you refuse to be bound financially by these support programs that were supposed to aid you with the progression of your life and career. Most of them are ultimately big commitments money-wise.

However, you should be aware that the courses offered here do not have video lectures within them, an essential part of most review courses. As a less-established provider, it would naturally have fewer resources than most of the other courses listed here.

Final Words

In order to decide on which course is the best suited for you, take a good hard look at your budget and evaluate them against the courses. Once you have an estimate of how much you are willing to spend and have singled out select choices you are interested in, use the free trials for at least a few hours if they are offered to have a feel of what those courses are like.

If you like what you see then go for it! We hope you are walking away from this article with choices already in your mind!


What is the average price of CPA Review Courses and are discounts available?

CPA Review Courses ordinarily range from $1000 to $3000. Yes, huge discounts are often available on the websites themselves, they run nearly all year long, be sure that you do not miss one.

Do I need a CPA Review Course to succeed with my papers?

It may be possible for you to pass without one but that journey will certainly be onerous without a review course succinctly piecing together scattered materials everywhere for you. Any serious CPA candidate would enrol in at least one review course.

How long should I study for the CPA exams?

The general rule would be around 80 to 100 hours each on all four of its exam sections.

Does getting a CPA worth it?

Yes, definitely. Companies value the CPAs standard and are willing to pay more for a CPA holder. Thus, hiring managers will tend to choose individuals with more experience and with CPA certification.

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