9 Best LSAT Prep Courses Online: [Top Rated in 2023]

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is blessed with broad recognition from law schools all over the United States and even parts of Canada and Australia as it plays an integral role in their admissions. A growing number of countries have also begun to integrate the LSAT into their own law school admission procedures. 

In the United States, a satisfactory score from your bachelor’s degree and the LSAT is necessitated in order to even enter its law schools. Your performance in the LSAT is evidently crucial, even more so than your undergraduate GPA as a student’s apparent performance on that piece of paper would often be influenced by the calibre of the school they went to. 

Scores from the standardized LSAT are the sole uniform requirement demanded by law schools, lending it the most credibility in their eyes. The test has been acclaimed as the single best method for these schools to gauge the performance of their potential law students. 

Your raw LSAT scores would be converted to fit between a range of 120 to 180, a score of at least 150 is mandated to break through into decent law schools, and a score of 170 is the bare minimum for the select best. 

An excellent showing with the LSAT is critical, not only would it determine if you could make it into any law schools at all, it may influence the amount of funding offered to you in that regard as certain schools use your LSAT score to decide if you should be offered a scholarship.

Just passing the LSAT at all is an arduous journey, at least a hundred hours must be poured over months. Most people do not even satisfy their desired school’s demanded LSAT scores on their very first go. This is where the LSAT prep courses come in to help, whether you are a retaker or simply a student that wants to avoid that fate by achieving an excellent LSAT score, there is no better path for you other than taking an LSAT prep course. 

In this article, we will be reviewing the best LSAT prep courses of 2023. 

Factors to be considered before choosing the Best LSAT study program

Opting for an LSAT prep course like most would do is an admittedly hefty decision that may be taxing on both your pockets and your schedule. Picking the right fit for yourself is key as the strategies, materials and features between even the best LSAT prep courses varies. Before you sign up for one, here are the main factors you would have to ponder on. 

The Price and your Budget 

The prep courses soon to be listed out here have a wide array of price tags attached to them. They range from even being free of charge to more than a thousand dollars. If you are a student on a tight budget, some of these courses though of high quality – may be price-prohibitive, regardless, there are also affordable options out there that could suffice all the same if you have the dedication and discipline for it. 

Your Learning Style

The courses offer different styles of teaching that may elicit different responses from you depending on what sort of student you are. They may teach from traditional classrooms or from high energy video lectures or even through mere text. You know yourself best, and you must take into account which mode of teaching would be the best suited for you.

Your Areas of Weaknesses 

The LSAT itself is divided into multiple sections which probe your capabilities on a multitude of differing skills. Although most of the prep courses would aim to improve your proficiency in all categories to be tested, some possess certain strengths and features that markedly leans towards aiding students in specific sections. 

If you are a retaker you should be familiar with your weaknesses in regards to the LSAT, if you are not you may perform a “test-run” online, multiple websites offer the full exam for you to practice for free! Even the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) which administers the LSAT worldwide has one right here

Now, it is time to dive into what are the best prep courses for the LSAT in 2023!

Best LSAT Prep Courses Online

1. The Princeton Review LSAT Prep


  • 150+ hours of Video Lectures
  • 30 hours of Live Classes
  • 8,000+ Practice Questions
  • Hard Copy & Digital Textbooks
  • Largest LSAT Exam Question Bank
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Personal Tutoring


With one of the longest histories in the game, the Princeton Review had, in that timeframe, kept on consistently growing to the most renowned and prestigious of the bunch. Its LSAT prep course is so reputable due to how utterly thorough and in-depth its materials and teachings are. 

The Princeton Review offers three packages: Self-Paced ($799), Fundamentals ($1,099) and the LSAT 165+ ($1,399).

Though it charges a loftier sum than many other courses, the sheer breadth of materials and experiences provided more than make up for it. The Princeton Review could offer almost everything depending on the package you pick, from online classes to live classes to even personal tutoring. 

If you are one for the traditional classroom experience with its group engagement and an actual instructor sitting right in front of you, there is no better fit than the Princeton Review’s “Fundamental” or “LSAT 165+”, each offering 30 hours and 84 hours worth of live instruction respectively. With decades spent as a prep company, they have managed to procure top-notch lecturers to guide you through the excellent books given. 

Furthermore, with at least 150+ hours of video lectures, 8,000+ questions, 60+ full-length practice tests and detailed explanation to follow suit, its curriculum is extremely comprehensive, covering all the salient issues to be tested in the LSAT itself. 

If you want to feel secure in your own abilities, it is one of the best choices around, in fact, it is so confident in its capabilities to boost your grades to satisfactory levels that all of its packages offer a money-back guarantee if you do not perform as expected after using them.  

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • It is priced higher than most, resulting in it being out of the reach of many students. If your wallet cannot be strained any further, there would be price appropriate affordable courses out there. 
  • Its content access period is short – only 3 months for all of its packages. 
  • Your scheduling may now be influenced by its limited live classes.


2. Blueprint LSAT


  • 90+ hours of Video Lectures
  • 36 hours of Live Classes
  • 8,500+ Practice Questions
  • Hard Copy Textbooks
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Access


The Blueprint LSAT prep course had made great strides that had placed them ahead of the pack. It is acclaimed for its catalog of advanced technology, fun and engaging video lectures and thoroughly detailed digital study materials. As one could infer, it is highly focused on the continued improvement of its virtual platforms and offerings. 

The test prep company offers just two distinct packages: the Online Anytime ($999) and the Live Online ($1.399). The differences between the two are that the latter offers unlimited access compared to the Online Anytime’s 6 months and it also befittingly provides live virtual classes. 

Blueprint LSAT takes pride in its stellar presentation of content, it swears to make the LSAT preparation fun for you and to its credit, it succeeds with its engaging video lectures that have notes, graphics and even cartoons blitzing around the witty lecturer. Although tempered with humour, the lectures are still extremely high quality and meticulous. 

It also employs cutting edge technology that adapts to you and your weaknesses, proposing personalized study plans and customizable practice sets that would give you the opportunity to patch up the chinks in your armor. 

Though it already stands out due to its excellent digital features and interface, the core curriculum itself is superb as the prep company mined its materials from the official LSAT questions. With a mountainous amount of 8,500+ questions that are accompanied by great break-downs, not only would you be spoiled rotten with its modern touches, you would be able to steadily improve on your problem-solving skills conventionally too. 

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • It is definitely pricier than most, thanks to its technological tweaks. Like with Princeton, this may be too expensive for many.
  • Its problem explanations may be too detailed for some, either further complicating the issue or slowing down your progress if you intend on speeding through the questions.


3. LSATMax


  • 100+ hours of Video Lectures
  • 6000+ Practice Questions
  • Hard Copy Textbooks
  • Free Downloadable App with Limited Content
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Personal Tutoring


LSATMax and its prep courses are comparatively new to the business but it has played to its strengths as a newcomer by seamlessly adapting to the current times and climate with its strong digital presence, smartphone usage and flexible modes of teaching.

Three separate packages are within LSATMax’s portfolio: LSATMax 60 ($595), LSATMax 180 ($995) and LSATMax 365 ($1,495). The only difference between these courses is the content access periods which are conveniently, literally listed by the packages themselves – 60 days, 180 days and 365 days respectively. 

With no live classroom options available, LSATMax has poured all of its efforts and resources into its digital content and it has paid off. Although most prep courses come with a mobile app, none of them has refined it in the way LSATMax has, it has evolved into becoming an integral selling point of the course itself. Its interface is well designed, modern, and jam-packed with features, unlike most clunky learning apps. 

If you are always on the move, your learning style fluid and your schedule ever-changing, this mobile app would be an absolute life-saver as you would be able to access the course’s entire wealth of content anywhere from your smartphone. If you prefer a larger screen you could even stream it on a TV!

Its portfolio of traditional materials that all decent prep courses should have is not to be underestimated either with over 9000+ practice questions, 91 LSAT practice tests and 100+ hours worth of video lectures that are all of excellent quality. 

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • This really would not be the course for you if you prefer a traditional classroom, it offers none of that in any of its packages.
  • Though the mobile app is superbly commodious, the content accessibility will be limited to one computer, one tablet device and one mobile device. 
  • Its higher tiered packages are rather expensive. 


4. Magoosh LSAT


  • 90+ hours of Video Lectures
  • 7000+ Practice Questions
  • Money-Back Guarantee


Magoosh is another test prep company that is new to the scene, nonetheless, it has leveraged its status as a newcomer by offering low-cost courses that could still provide you with everything you need for the LSAT papers.

Two variants of packages are offered: Premium 1 month ($279) and Premium 12 months ($299). As the names may suggest, they are functionally the same with the only difference being their content access period – 1 month and 12 months respectively, it is suggested that you opt for the Premium 12 months to fully capitalize on the course, it is only an addition of $20 spent.

One thing that may have stuck out for you is the price, it is a fraction of most other courses and yet it does not skimp on the necessary core materials with over 90+ hours of video lectures, 7000+ Practice Questions and 80+ practice tests that are all very comprehensive. You would be pressing your luck trying to find another course that is as affordable as Magoosh yet offers such a range of first-rate materials.

No physical classes nor physical textbooks are provided as the Magoosh LSAT prep courses could only be carried out so affordably through the digital platforms. Speaking of which, its presentation of materials is laced with simplicity – free from bloated interfaces and glaring graphics, though there are no flashy features, it provides you with the sufficient tools to pass your LSAT, and if you are dissatisfied, you can even get a refund!

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • Being so cheap means certain corners have to be cut, lesser materials are offered as seen by the lack of textbooks. 
  • If you want to be pampered by convenient features and powerful adaptive technology, this would not be the course for you as its dashboard is plain. 


5. Kaplan LSAT


  • 180+ hours of Video Lectures
  • 32 hours of Live Classes
  • 8000+ Practice Questions
  • Unlimited Access
  • Hard Copy Textbooks


The Kaplan LSAT prep course has existed for decades, and in that time it had amassed acclaim for its extremely detailed and bountiful materials, resulting in it being one of the biggest and more prestigious names in the LSAT prep course space. 

Kaplan LSAT offers three packages: DIY Course ($799), Online Course ($1,299) and Bootcamp ($3,999). The sole difference between these packages is that the DIY Course offers no live classes while the latter two offers 32 hours and 140 hours of it respectively. 

Its claim to fame is simple, it just floods you with a never-ending flow of materials and lectures backed by leading instructors in order to get you more than prepared for the LSAT. Kaplan LSAT is renowned for its excruciatingly detailed and vigorous curriculum that covers anything the LSAT could throw at you with a staggering 180+ hours of video lectures, 8000+ practice questions and 60+ full-length practice tests that are backed by thorough explanations. 

If traditional classrooms are your thing then its higher-priced packages may be the best fit for you as you could be personally led through its brimming textbooks by the best lecturers in town. Its live classroom packages are its most popular courses after all. 

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • The abundance of prep materials would mean that you are highly unlikely to go through most of it if you are pressed for time. Furthermore, it may be overwhelming to stare at the mountain of materials one would have to cover.
  • Your scheduling may now be influenced by its limited live classes.
  • Its highest tiered package, the Bootcamp, is very expensive. 


6. Manhattan Prep LSAT


  • 60+ hours of Video Lectures
  • 36 hours of Live Classes
  • 5000+ Practice Questions
  • Private Tutoring
  • Hard Copy Textbooks


Manhattan Prep has stuck out from the crowd by ensuring that its digital content is both fun and interactive and its physical classrooms, intimate and exhaustive. It presents you with the very best engagement in either spectrum. 

It has three packages within its portfolio: Interact Course ($799), Complete Course ($1,499) and Private Tutoring ($2,450). The difference between the three variants is that the Interact Course provides you with all the necessary digital materials while the Complete Course has an addition of its famed live classes and the Private Tutoring replaces those live classes with private 1 on 1 tutoring of course! 

The prep courses all integrate interactive technology into its materials of which there are plenty with 60+ hours of video lectures, 5000+ practice questions and 80+ full-length practice tests. Its video lessons shine in particular as they pull you in by allowing you to navigate through lesson modules yourself while the lecturer onscreen speaks with succinct graphics whizzing by. 

The physical classes offered in the Complete Course excels too as the test prep company intentionally limits the class size instead of cramming as many students in as possible. Their classes achieve an intimacy that a bustling lecture hall could not. You could pose your questions easily, in fact, the lecturer would even pick on people to answer his own questions!

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • The intimate classrooms may instead work against your favor if you are shy as you are expected to interact with the class and lecturer.
  • You are expected to know the basics from the digital lectures by the time you enter the live classes, only the most complex and intricate issues will be taught there. 
  • Your scheduling may now be influenced by its limited live classes.


7. Alpha Score LSAT


  • 50+ hours of Video Lectures
  • 6000+ Practice Questions
  • Digital Textbooks


The Alpha Score LSAT prep course brandishes a no-nonsense approach in getting you across the finish line, it cuts to the chase with no fluff added. It is a relatively low budget course that still covers all the essential materials comprehensively regardless of its admittedly smaller pool of materials.

Alpha Score LSAT proffers two packages: Complete Course ($389) and Premium Course ($789). The underlying difference between the two is the number of materials offered which is definitely substantial – the Complete Course only offers 1000+ practice questions and 10 practice tests while the Premium Course offers 6000+ practice questions and 61 practice tests. 

The explanations that are paired with the questions are superb and straight to the point. Even though you would have lesser materials to work with, their analysis of the answers more than makes up for it. The content access period for each of its packages is a full year, longer than most courses while simultaneously being at a lower price point. 

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • Its digital presentation of the materials is lacking, with drab dashboards and video lectures.
  • The total sum of materials is also lacking, so if you live by the motto “practice makes perfect” this may not be the course for you. 
  • There are no hardcopy textbooks provided. 


8. 7Sage LSAT 


  • 50+ hours of video lectures
  • 7,500+ Practice Questions
  • Digital Textbooks


7Sage LSAT represents another prep course that is very affordable and yet still stacked with relevant materials and a robust curriculum. It is an excellent choice for students on a budget with its monthly or yearly subscription model. 

The test prep company has two different pricing options up on display: the Month by Month ($69 per month) and the 12 Months Prepaid ($599 per year). This pricing variance provides you with flexibility as paying on a monthly basis would allow you to halt your commitments if you decide so. If you opt for the yearly payment, it will definitely save you some expenses as well!

For a budget option, it is chock-full of materials with over 50+ hours of video lectures, 7,500+ practice questions and even 95+ practice tests, it could even compare with the amount that larger companies offer. 

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • Though the company promises that this course feels like you would have a personal tutor, the course itself does not offer an actual personal tutor nor does it offer live classes. It would be unsuitable for those seeking actual human interaction.


9.  Khan Academy LSAT


  • Free of Charge
  • Customized Study Plans
  • Video Lectures


The Khan Academy is a special treat that represents the LSAT makers’ support for students. If you thought some of the courses listed above are cheap, you would be pleasantly surprised at this course’s price tag, $0. Anyone on the internet can access it free of charge.

Despite being completely free, it still offers a customized lesson plan, personalized schedules, video lectures and even full length 11 practice tests. Before you begin with it, a diagnostic quiz will be posed to you so that it adapts to your weaknesses. Through its collaboration with the LSAC itself, the Khan Academy provides you with free access to thousands of official practice questions from the papers.

It is still an excellent resource for those with financial strain or even for those who are already enrolled in a separate course but still in need of supplemental materials.

Nevertheless, the cons of the course include:

  • As it is free, the quantity and quality of some of its content may not be the best as a stand-alone course.

FAQ on LSAT Prep Programs

Do I need an LSAT prep classes to succeed with my papers? 

In order to ensure the greatest possible chance of achieving your desired score, it is highly advisable to enrol yourself in a prep course. Even the budget options would give you a much better footing than tackling the LSAT alone. The organization of scattered materials and the special features each of the courses have would bestow you advantages that you cannot afford to miss out on. 

How much is an average LSAT study course?

Price varies greatly from course to course. The cheaper options range from $300 to $500 while the more prestigious courses charge upwards of $1,000.

How long do I have to study for the LSAT test prep?

The University of Massachusetts Amherst suggests that one should dedicate at least 100 hours of study time to the preparation for the LSAT. This could be spread over 1 to 3 months of scheduling. 

What is a good LSAT score?

A score of 180 is the highest possible mark you could achieve and a score of 120m the lowest. The median LSAT score would be 150. Most decent law schools would demand a score of at least 160 while the top 25 law schools are keen on the 170s, the 97% percentile. 

How many times may I take the LSAT?

There are no restrictions whatsoever on the number of times you may retake the papers, nonetheless, that is if your scheduling and financial position allow you to do so.

Is LSAT preparatory course worth it?

The LSAT is a difficult exam. If you want to achieve a score of 170 plus, you will need to study hard. Test preparation has been demonstrated to improve LSAT scores. There are numerous free resources available to assist you to self study, but you may benefit more from the structure and knowledge provided by an LSAT prep course as it is the most updated information.

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