Wiley vs Becker: Which CPA Review Course Is The Best? (2023 Comparison)

If you’re looking for the best CPA review course, you’re undoubtedly looking at some of the top contenders on the market and thinking which one is appropriate for you. The Big 4 accounting firms both recommend programs such as Wiley CPAexcel and Becker CPA Review. That doesn’t make deciding on the perfect fit for you any easier!

Both Wiley CPAexcel and Becker CPA Review are well-known CPA exam preparation tools. When selecting a CPA exam prep course, there are various factors to consider: video lectures, study textbooks, test banks, and overall course software.

That is why we have compiled a comprehensive review of the courses and offerings from both Wiley CPAexcel and Becker CPA Review. We will compare some of the features to help you select which course will help you pass the CPA exam !

Wiley vs Becker were extensively used by my team and myself in our search for the best CPA prep materials. Our on-the-ground experience has highlighted some significant differences across the programs that CPA candidates should be aware of.

Wiley vs Becker CPA Review History

Becker CPA Review

Becker CPA Review has a long history. Newton Becker, in fact, developed one of the earliest CPA review courses in 1957. Becker’s courses have received constant appreciation from professionals since he founded the Becker CPA Review firm in 1960. Becker is now the largest provider of review courses and has won numerous awards.

Also, did you know that between 2005 and 2018, nearly 90% of Elijah Watt Sells Award recipients with strong CPA Exam scores used Becker? Impressive. Becker has a superb reputation among the Big 4 accounting companies and serves 99 of the top 100 accounting firms in the United States, which comes as no surprise.

Wiley CPA Review

Wiley, like Becker, has a long history, however the company’s beginnings were substantially different. Wiley was founded nearly 200 years ago as a significant publishing firm. Although they began by publishing American literature, they have since broadened their scope and now distribute some of the most prestigious scientific and technical publications in the academic world.

Wiley also created a set of digital learning assessment tools for the accounting, scientific, and medical professions. Wiley acquired Efficient Learning Systems, Inc. in 2012, and Wiley CPAexcel now offers excellent test prep materials for a variety of professions, including the CMA, CIA and CPA exam.

Wiley CPAexcel vs Becker CPA Review Course: Interfaces

Both Wiley CPAexcel and Becker CPA Review use platforms that adjust to your learning speed. The Becker CPA online interface is one of the greatest available learning tools. The well-designed review course makes use of Becker’s Adapt2U technology powered by Sana Labs, which starts by assessing your prior knowledge on a certain topic.

Following your completion of the suggested material and practice tests, the technology analyzes your progress and provides review material to improve your weak content areas. In addition, you will receive detailed reports on your overall progress in mastering the subject that is expected to appear on the CPA exam.

Becker also provides an interactive study planner to assist you in managing your Becker CPA study time.

The Becker CPA Final Review will take you through new MCQs and TBSs around a week before your scheduled CPA exam day to help you refine your knowledge and ensure you’re prepared for all types of exam questions. Finally, the format of the Final Review is identical to that of the “actual CPA exam,” which will put you at ease at the testing site.

Wiley CPAexcel Review also employs an interesting adaptive learning platform, although I believe it is a little more difficult to use than the Becker platform. The adaptive system tracks your progress and recommends additional study materials as you work through example problems and practice tests.

Wiley CPA Review assists you in studying more efficiently by identifying your weak areas so you don’t waste time studying stuff you’ve already mastered. CPAexcel uses “bite-sized” lessons (less than 30 minutes) to maximize learning even when time is limited. Furthermore, the platform regularly updates your progress, allowing you to stay on track with your studies.

Wiley CPAexcel vs Becker CPA Review: Cost

Becker CPA is more expensive than Wiley CPAexcel for a variety of reasons. The Big 4 Accounting Firms, as well as many other industry professionals, see it as a top-tier CPA review course. As a result, many companies will pay for their employees to take these courses for certification.

Congratulations if you are one of these fortunate individuals! Becker is well worth the investment because they use cutting-edge technology and software to provide a high-quality and highly personalized study plan.

So, what does Wiley CPAexcel give you in exchange for the lower price? For one, there are a lot of practice questions. However, if you choose them over Becker, you will miss out on some benefits; more on that below.

The following are the prices for each CPA review course:

As you can see, Becker is more expensive than Wiley. When you consider everything else they have to offer, it all makes sense.

Continue reading to learn about the differences.

Winner: Wiley CPAexcel

Wiley vs Becker: Expiration and Course Access

The amount of time you have to access the course may be extremely crucial to you depending on how quickly you absorb material and ultimately want to take the CPA exam. The good news is that both Becker and Wiley offer their enrolled students unlimited access to their CPA study resources. Although this is a new feature for Becker, Wiley has had it for quite some time.

This is due to the Partner Until You Pass Guarantee offered by Wiley CPAexcel, which guarantees you course access as well as free content and software upgrades until you pass the CPA exam.

You will not have to pay any further fees to renew your membership, and you will be able to do unlimited course repeats and even have access for a year after passing the CPA exam. This is really beneficial for people who have test anxiety or are unsure if they will pass the CPA exam the first time.

Despite the fact that Becker’s Advantage course has a 24-month access duration, their Premium and Pro versions are also unlimited. Furthermore, the Becker Promise guarantees that applicants who do not pass the CPA exam on their first attempt will not be required to pay to retake their prep course. As a result, Becker barely outperforms Wiley in this category.

Winner: Becker CPA Review

Wiley CPAexcel vs Becker CPA: Books

Another significant difference in Wiley vs Becker review course offerings is the textbooks and guidelines that accompany each course. Becker’s textbooks are designed for visual learners, with colorful diagrams and graphics. The content is also very well planned and structured: it is designed to match the CPA exam with relevant issues, real-world scenarios, task-based simulations, and mock exams. If you follow up with these materials, you will not be startled by the topic on the actual exam.

Wiley CPAexcel textbooks are light on color, graphics, and illustrations in favor of extra space for taking notes in the margins and paragraphs. This is beneficial for students who retain information by taking reading notes and may not respond as strongly to images.

You may like one of these styles over the other, but we believe Becker is the more practical alternative.

Winner: Becker CPA Review

Differences Between Practice Questions for Exams

The Becker test bank has over 9,200 multiple-choice questions, 580 task-based simulations, and 400 coaching videos.

The Wiley CPA review test bank includes over 12,000 multiple-choice questions and 300 task-based simulations.

At first look, it may appear that Wiley is the clear winner because of the large number of MCQs. The AICPA, on the other hand, has modified the CPA exam to rely more heavily on simulations than multiple-choice questions. Becker’s mock CPA exam also includes one unique feature that Wiley does not have.

Students frequently achieve higher results on the CPA exam than on Becker’s mock exams due to a tiny discrepancy in grading.

This is known as the Becker Bump, and it is one of the course’s key features.

For these reasons, Becker takes the cake with over 180 more task-based simulations, the Becker Bump, and all the MCQs you’ll ever need!

Winner: Becker CPA Review

Wiley vs Becker CPA: Video Lectures

Wiley and Becker both provide over 100 hours of video lectures that reinforce key concepts. However, because so many students rely on great videos as one of their primary sources of teaching, it’s critical to understand how the videos in each course prepare you for the CPA exam.

You will get access to hundreds of hours of video if you choose Becker CPA Review. The Pro and Premium versions feature 275+ hours of review time per section, which is more than any other review provider on the market. CPA professors with experience in accounting, business, or law lead all videos. The information is delivered in 2-5 minute increments.

I’ll admit that some of Becker’s videos are a touch boring and can go a little long. Nonetheless, at their core, they are highly detailed and break down complicated concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.

In addition, Becker has prepared additional SkillMaster videos that outline particular procedures for dealing with the complex task-based simulations of the CPA exam.The instructors provide in-depth explanations of WHY they solved problems in a particular way, which improves your overall logic and problem-solving skills.

In fact, Becker recognizes the significance of simulations in passing the complete CPA Exam. As a result, they offer these walk-through videos for each and every simulation in the Becker CPA review course.

The Wiley CPA 2023 courses include more than 140 hours of video lectures, which is very impressive. The “Bite-Sized Lessons” combine video lectures, text, and multimedia visual elements. However, we think that the video lectures could explain topics more thoroughly, despite the fact that the Wiley CPA books contain abundant extra information. Also included in Wiley CPAexcel’s Platinum CPA Review Course are Deep Dive Videos, which are 10-20 minute lectures that break down complex topics; they’re very helpful for CPA applicants who don’t have a solid accounting background.

In addition, the Platinum course offers on-demand lectures that take place in real time. During the lectures, you can ask questions and participate in the same way that you would in a traditional classroom.

So, in conclusion, Becker provides additional video hours. And many of them are pretty detailed. You could take notes to assist you keep your interest during the longer videos. However, both Becker and Wiley have made shorter videos that clarify complex concepts, which I believe is critical to pass your CPA exam.

Winner: Becker CPA Review


Many CPA candidates utilize flashcards to test their understanding of concepts. When my friends and I were studying for our CPA exam, we used glue sticks and markers to create our own flashcards. And, while CPA craft time can be enjoyable, it may not be the most efficient use of your time.

Becker’s full review courses contain 1,400 digital flashcards with short questions and answers. These online flashcards are searchable by topic, which is a useful option if you only need to drill specific ideas. You can also electronically “flip” through the flashcards in random order and track your progress as you answer questions correctly.

You will also receive 1,400 printed flashcards if you purchase the Pro package. Otherwise, if you want printed flashcards, you’ll have to buy them individually at a cost.

Wiley’s courses include 1,000 printed flashcards—250 for each CPA Exam section—as well as access to an additional 4,000 digital flashcards online or via the app. Wiley also provides Focus Notes, which are printed spiral-bound cards that are comparable to flashcards but contain more information.

As a result, if you prefer to study with flashcards, Wiley CPAexcel is unquestionably more extensive.

Winner: Wiley CPAexcel

Course Format

Becker provides three course formats: Advantage, Premium, and Pro. Becker claims to be the only CPA review company that offers live classroom training. Becker’s CPA review course offers a distinct edge to students who like a controlled classroom experience. All live instructors are certified public accountants who understand what students need to know to pass the CPA exam. Furthermore, their Pro course offers up to five complimentary 1-on-1 academic tutoring sessions via Webex.

Wiley CPAexcel also provides three course delivery options: online, self-study, and virtual classroom. Each course comes with a USB flash drive that allows you to view all of the materials offline, as well as DVDs of the video lectures. The virtual classroom is a new tool that combines pre-recorded and live courses. Still, they can’t compete with Becker’s instructional value; maybe, this will change in the future!

Winner: Becker CPA Review

Software and Content Updates

Although this was not always the case, Becker currently provides all course updates for free, regardless of the package to which students are subscribed. You will not have to pay an additional fee for the most relevant course if the topic covered on the CPA exam changes.

Wiley CPAexcel also provides students with free upgrades, whether they be software or material changes. As a result, you will always have free access to the most recent video lectures online. They also offer students the option of seeing these lessons on a physical medium for the low cost of $8 for a DVD copy. This is the same as the price of a CD copy of their offline study resources.

Winner: Tie

Mobile App

Both Becker and Wiley provide mobile support via a dedicated app for both Android and iOS smartphones. However, when it comes to app support, these two companies do not give the same level of quality control.

If you check at the review sites for Wiley’s apps, you’ll notice a few common complaints. These include being unable to access all desktop-compatible study resources on their mobile devices and experiencing poor video quality when attempting to save them for offline usage. Becker’s mobile apps, on the other hand, do not have these issues.

In terms of other apps, Becker offers Accounting for Empires as part of their Premium and Pro packages. This is a fun mobile game that will help you to obtain even more CPA exam preparation without feeling like you’re studying. Becker is the clear winner in this area thanks to these two outstanding apps!

Winner: Becker CPA Review

Customer Support

It is critical to choose a CPA review course that offers reliable customer support. This is due to the fact that you may have some pressing questions that only the course developer can answer.

Becker CPA review claims that their support desk typically responds to consumer inquiries within two working days. However, there are often delays on weekends, which is likely due to the large number of students enrolled in the course.

To prevent being caught up in such delays, it is best to send your enquiries on a weekday. With their Premium course package, you also get support from a CPA exam success coach who can answer any concerns you have about the soft skills required to pass the CPA exam.

Wiley CPAexcel customer support is outstanding. You can talk to a customer service representative in real time. This implies that your questions are answered right away. There is also the option of asking your question in a forum with other students. If your situation is critical, you should never make this choice.

This is due to the fact that it may take several hours, if not days, for someone to react to the topic. There is also a Mentored Discussion Forum, where the responses are from CPA professionals employed by Wiley CPAexcel to answer customer questions. This option is far superior to the standard forum because you can be confident that your queries will be answered by a qualified individual.

Becker CPA Review does provide premium tutoring as part of their Pro level course package, which includes one-on-one tutoring on technical concepts. Most candidates will not require this feature, but it is a one-of-a-kind offering in the business.

Winner: Wiley CPAexcel (unless you need premium support)

Help from Experts

Personalized assistance from expert CPAs can make a significant difference in your academic achievement. When you have a question or can’t quite get your head around a concept, I strongly advise you to reach out to competent and knowledgeable people.

Becker’s CPA Exam review course includes access to academics who will respond to questions within 48 hours. Furthermore, Becker stores these questions in a forum, where users can seek for answers to frequently asked questions. You will also receive up to five one-on-one academic tutoring sessions if you choose the Becker Pro plan. Furthermore, if you thrive with the assistance of a tutor, this is an important feature to consider.

Wiley’s Platinum and Gold courses include online mentorship from academics with proven content experience. The Wiley forum is comparable to Becker’s. Students can post questions to the forum and expect a response from a professor within 48 hours, or they can search the topic for frequently asked questions. You can also contact instructors through the Live Virtual Classroom Series.

Winner: Tie

Pass Rates

CPA applicants are frequently concerned about the pass rates of the various review courses on the market. I understand that you don’t want to waste money on a system that doesn’t work. However, reporting on pass rates is difficult because many review providers do not publicize their pass rates at all.

Because the Becker CPA pass rate is not made public, it is difficult to provide solid data. Becker, on the other hand, claims that 90% of Elijah Watt Sells Award winners between 2005 and 2018 employed Becker to study for the CPA Exam. Becker’s quality is demonstrated by the fact that the prize is only granted to CPA candidates with the top scores.

Wiley, on the other hand, publicizes their pass rates. According to Wiley, over 90% of CPA candidates who utilize Wiley to study for the CPA exam pass.

Winner: Tie

Renewal Cost

Both the Pro and Premium Becker CPA review courses include access until you pass the CPA Exam. If you select the Advantage plan, you will have access for a period of 24 months. However, the Becker CPA guarantee, often known as the “Becker Promise,” protects you financially. If you complete the entire Becker CPA Review course within a certain time frame but fail to pass the CPA Exam, Becker will issue a tuition waiver to retake the course. There are, however, a few caveats.

As a result, the catch is as follows: you must properly answer at least 90% of the course’s MCQs and TBSs, take at least one simulated CPA exam with a score of at least 50%, and submit your failing CPA Exam scores.

The Becker Promise, in my opinion, is more applicable to the Advantage review course, which only provides access for 24 months, whereas the Pro and Premium versions already have unlimited access.

Becker offers a 50% discount on course renewals, so the Advantage course will cost you $1,199 in renewal fees.

All of Wiley’s comprehensive review courses include a guarantee of access until you pass. As a result, if your CPA journey takes longer than expected, you will not be required to pay renewal costs.

Wiley vs Becker CPA Review

Is Becker the best?

Becker CPA study materials have a solid reputation. And, based on my reviews and reader response, I believe Becker is the best review course on the market right now. Becker CPA offers high-quality resources as well as an adaptive learning environment that makes studying more efficient.

Their lessons emphasize conceptual comprehension over strict memorization, and the simulation videos will undoubtedly assist you in mastering those challenging tasks. Although Becker’s Premium and Pro review courses feature over 400 task-based simulations, the amount of flashcards is restricted and the test bank is average.

Nonetheless, the Becker CPA books are comprehensive and informative. The Pro and Premium plans provide access until you pass to keep you studying, which is a fantastic deal. And if you thrive on personalized support, the live, live online, and one-on-one tutoring sessions could be a tremendous help. For these reasons, a Becker CPA course may be appropriate for you.

Is Wiley CPAexcel the best?

Wiley’s comprehensive courses offer high-quality CPA study materials at a reasonable price. Wiley CPAexcel provides a variety of study options, including video lessons, Deep Dive videos, books, and flashcards, as well as an adaptive learning platform. The Wiley CPAexcel test bank is unquestionably larger than Becker’s, yet all of Becker’s questions are of good quality and adhere to the AICPA Blueprints. The no-gimmick access until you pass policy removes some of the pressures associated with studying for the CPA Exam. Finally, because nine out of ten CPA candidates who study with Wiley pass the CPA exam, it may be the best review course for you.


What is the main difference between the Wiley CPA review courses and the Becker CPA review courses?

The main difference between the Wiley and Becker CPA review courses is the live classes. Wiley offers only about 20 hours of live online classes , but Becker offers 90+ hours of live online or in-person classes.

Which company provides more study material, Becker or Wiley?

Wiley offers more practice material in total. They outperform Becker, who offers roughly 9,000+ MC questions and 400 or so simulations, with 12,000+ MC questions and 500+ simulations.

Does Wiley CPAexcel have an expiration date?

The written course materials and videos, quizzes, and simulated CPA exam are unlimited and have no expiration date. That’s right, this isn’t a “access until you pass” type of deal: it’s access for life! It may also be viewed via your mobile phone or tablet, whether it be an iOS or Android device. The iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy are all included.

Does Wiley CPAexcel offer financing?

Yes, Wiley offers financing through PayPal Credit, which is an excellent choice because there is no interest if paid in full within 6 months.

How long does Becker CPA last?

You will have unlimited access to Becker’s Pro and Premium full courses. Access to the Advantage plan, on the other hand, expires after 24 months.

How long does Wiley CPAexcel last?

As previously stated, you receive unlimited access to all Wiley courses until you pass the CPA exam. That said, you won’t have access indefinitely, which I understand could be disheartening, especially for CPA candidates who want to use their course as a resource throughout their jobs as CPAs.


I studied for the CPA exam with Becker and passed the first time.

Having said that, even after comparing Wiley CPAexcel to Becker CPA Review, I choose Becker. Becker’s extensive study resources, along with live classes and personal guidance, may enable you to competently study for and pass the CPA Exam.

As a result, if you’re a visual learner, the Becker course will likely benefit you more than a course designed for a tactical learner. As a result, if you study best by observing professors and attending live lectures, Becker is most likely the perfect course for you.

However, if your budget is already tight, or if you’re a tactical learner, I’d recommend Wiley. Wiley is a wonderful option for some because it is less expensive while still providing high value to CPA candidates. Furthermore, because Wiley provides so many more practice questions, it may be the perfect course for tactile learners who love to drill CPA exam questions.

I hope this article of Wiley vs Becker has helped you choose between these review services.

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