Surgent CPA Review [Must Read! – Updated 2023]

Surgent CPA Review is one of the most recent CPA test preparation resources on the market, however the company is not new. For almost three decades, Surgent has been offering high-quality professional continuing education for accountants, CPAs, EAs, and other professions. They’ve used all of their professional education knowledge and expertise to help individuals pass the CPA exam. Surgent students have a pass rate of 88 percent on average, which is much higher than the total pass percentage of all CPA candidates.

This CPA exam course was designed to help students learn more quickly by utilizing modern adaptive technologies. Most other courses on the market require candidates to read through each chapter and hear each lecture separately, even if they are already familiar with the topics and concepts covered in those chapters.

Surgent’s potent mix of A.S.A.P. technology and ReadySCORE changes the way a standard CPA exam study plan is constructed. Instead of merely forcing candidates to study what they already know, its intelligent program directs them to areas of study that they need to focus on.

Surgent provides a few distinct course packages. Their most popular and successful option, however, is their Ultimate Pass, which costs $2,999. This is their most industry-standard course, as it covers study materials for all four areas of the CPA exam. Surgent also sells a Premier Pass for $2,399 and an Essentials Pass for $1,899. Because it is the most popular, I will refer to the Ultimate Pass course throughout this review.

Course snapshot:

  • $2,999 (less with our Crush discount!)
  • 350+ video lectures
  • 8,250+ with Integrated Test Bank
  • 375 task-based simulations
  • Additional audio content
  • Customized study notes
  • Printed flashcards and textbooks for offline study
  • A.S.A.P. technology targets your weaker areas
  • 12 half-hour 1-on-1 sessions with a CPA Exam Success Coach
  • Unlimited access until you pass
  • Free course updates
  • Free mobile app with digital flashcards
  • Additional Excel for Accounting certification
  • Ultimate Customer Support: guaranteed one-day response time

Relax, because Surgent constantly updates its courses and includes new changes whenever a big change is announced. Surgent makes it a point to keep all materials up to date in response to AICPA changes, new regulations, and student feedback. If you elect to purchase Surgent, you will receive the most up-to-date CPA exam review course available.

Surgent has introduced even more task-based simulations and updated its curriculum in preparation of the impending CPA exam modifications. Surgent has specifically added the new Document Review Simulation questions to the review course’s FAR, AUD, and REG parts. Surgent CPA review course will also automatically update your online materials if any additional changes occur while you are studying for the CPA exam.

Let’s take a look at the Surgent CPA Review course format and see what’s within!

How To Study With Surgent CPA – Prep Course Format

The dashboard for the Surgent CPA Review materials include a number of different components. We’ll go over the specifics of each one and how you may utilize them to prepare for the exam.

Video Lectures

Video lectures are an essential component of every review course. Surgent contains approximately 350 lectures that address the most relevant subjects and concepts discussed on the exam. Surgent’s expert lecturers, who have decades of experience educating accounting professionals, deliver these courses.

The interface is one of the most interesting aspects of the presentations. The films are shown in addition to the study text and notebook. This allows candidates to read the book as it progresses, highlight portions of interest, and make notes and bookmarks for later reference.

Surgent educators recognize how tough it is to go through hour-long lectures, thus none of the video lectures exceed 30 minutes. Surgent CPA exam’s 350 bite-sized video lectures let you to absorb complicated concepts in small pieces, allowing you to retain more in the long run. You can study anywhere by downloading teacher lecture notes and/or video slides to print or view on your mobile phone.

Because Surgent’s goal is to get you ready for the CPA exam as quickly as possible, you will spend the majority of your time reviewing multiple choice questions. Your CPA exam preparations can be incredibly goal-oriented, which means that you only watch the video lectures that you require.

Alternatively, if you choose to take a more leisurely approach, you can learn from the numerous video lectures provided by Surgent. Please offer comments on the video lectures; Surgent routinely updates their lectures to ensure they are interesting and useful.

Study Textbook

The study book offers in-depth information on the topics addressed in the lectures as well as practice questions. Surgent’s adaptive system is also integrated into this book, so it proposes readings based on your present readings and pace through the practice problems.

Surgent CPA Review Test Bank

The Surgent CPA Review course test bank has over 7,700 multiple-choice and exam questions (8,250+ with integrated test bank) for candidates to use to understand concepts and practice taking the exam. This is not the largest test bank on the market, but it is used in a novel way. The software keeps track of your responses to help you enhance your knowledge of various subjects.

For example, if you receive a low score on one subject, it will immediately add that topic to your study plan and recommend that you read that section of the study text. This form of interactive study guide aids in the creation of more useful study materials and improves applicants’ learning efficiency. You may also use their custom test generator to build bespoke quizzes on any topic you desire.

Surgent CPA exam Review’s Ultimate Pass includes 7,700 multiple-choice questions, which you will use for the majority of your study. Surgent prides itself on its efficiency, so the multiple choice questions and information have been divided into three phrases: assess, study, and practice.

You’ll start with the basic assessment phase, when you’ll take many practice exams and the algorithm will decide what you know and don’t know. Once you enter the study phase and begin answering multiple choice practice questions, the course will continue to adjust. If you answer a question wrong, the adaptive learning software will remember and restructure that question so you can try again later.

Surgent’s biggest feature, in my opinion, is that the majority of your studying is done as you practice with multiple choice questions. When you get a question wrong, you will be given the correct answer as well as a detailed explanation. Here, you can find pertinent terms and reference links that will take you to the portion of the digital textbook that covers the topic of the question. This was great for me because I knew I was only studying what I needed to know and not spending time on stuff I already knew.

Surgent’s biggest feature, in my opinion, is that the majority of your studying is done as you practice with multiple choice questions.

Task-Based Simulations

Surgent CPA exam Review’s course contains over 417 task-based simulations. This is plenty of time to prepare and get a feel for the exam structure. Furthermore, they are integrated into the adaptive technology, as is everything else in this course. When the software detects a weak point, it will recommend that you try the task-based simulations as well to increase your knowledge of the subject.

Surgent’s CPA review course includes 400 task-based simulations. This includes the new Document Review scenarios found on the most recent editions of the CPA exam. As a result, as you progress through your study phase, you will be exposed to an increasing number of task-based simulations. And, with adaptive learning algorithms, you will be assigned the most appropriate TBS to practice with.

Exam Simulator

The Surgent CPA review course’s primary phase is practice. This is where you can put your knowledge to the test with an infinite number of practice examinations. These are essential for your last review because you must be familiar with the tools and features of the CPA Exam before sitting for the actual thing.

Surgent practice examinations are scheduled to correspond to the timing of the actual CPA Exam, allowing you to build exam-specific management skills by knowing how much time to spend on each question or simulation. Exam anxiety can be reduced by having this exposure to earlier exam questions under exam-like situations.

One of the most critical components of any review course is a test simulator. It gives the candidate the opportunity to practice taking the exam and navigating the AICPA interface. Surgent’s exam simulator is extremely similar to the AICPA version. It also enables you to practice questions in two formats.

After you pick your choice on a practice question, the answer and explanation appear. This mode is excellent for learning concepts and comprehending information. The exam option does not display any answers until the entire quiz is completed. This option allows you to simulate taking the exam.


Many review companies either do not provide flashcards as an option or demand exorbitant fees for them. 2,000+ digital Surgent CPA flashcards are included free of charge with the basic study materials. You can study and practice answering questions on your phone or mobile device wherever you are. They also sell printed flashcards for a modest price.

Course Analytics

The main engine that drives it, as with any adaptive review course, is analytics. Surgent is one of the most robust analytic packages available in any CPA review course today. For example, its ground-breaking ReadySCORE system generates a continually changing score that assesses each student’s readiness to pass the exam; the ReadySCORE is 99 percent accurate. This algorithm is supported by research into the inner workings of the CPA exam, making it highly accurate to actual student results.

Furthermore, Surgent’s A.S.A.P. technology allows you to identify your weak points and focus your study time on those subjects in a way that feels natural. A.S.A.P. technology also uses analytics to recommend areas for you to research. This is one of the most powerful tools in this study guide since it creates a unique learning environment for each candidate on the fly. This implies that your study guide will be carefully matched to your learning requirements!

Interactive Study Schedule Planner

The interactive study schedule generates a personalized study plan for you. The planner develops a study schedule for you when you specify how many hours per week you wish to study and block out free days. All you have to do is follow it. The schedule will automatically update and build a new plan depending on the remaining content that you need to get through if you miss a day or do not get through enough information in one day.

That’s a quick rundown of all the key components of the Surgent CPA Review course study materials. Let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of this review course to others on the market.

Surgent CPA Review – ReadySCORE

So far, many of the features offered by Surgent’s Ultimate Pass may sound familiar to anyone who has taken a CPA exam prep course. Their ReadySCORE adaptive learning system, on the other hand, is the game changer that elevates this course above the ordinary.

But what exactly is ReadySCORE? Here’s what you should know:

ReadySCORE is a complicated adaptive learning program whose assessment criteria are derived from actual CPA exam scoring data. After taking an initial assessment test, ReadySCORE provides students with a numerical score that determines their overall exam preparedness; this ReadySCORE is 99 percent accurate. Then, as they proceed through Surgent’s curriculum, this score is modified to reflect their success on various topics and question types.

You might assume this is a bunch of flashy technology wrapped up in buzzwords, but the truth is that it produces genuine outcomes. According to Surgent, students with a ReadySCORE of 75 or higher have a roughly 88 percent exam success rate!

SurgentCPA – Dashboard/UX

When you initially log in to Surgent CPA Review, the first thing you’ll do is enter your exam date and the number of days you have available to study. The software will then determine how many hours you must study on each of your chosen days in order to complete your course on time. You can alter this whenever you wish, and the software will automatically recalculate.

After you’ve done that, you’ll need to go through the assessment phase. Remember that this is necessary for Surgent’s adaptive algorithms to determine which areas you should be focusing on in order for your study time to be optimized. Then you can go to the research step. Your dashboard will show you all of these phases and keep you on track.

Surgent recently (and successfully) revamped their product and dashboard to provide users with a better experience. Everything you need is simply accessible from your home screen, and once the software has evaluated your strengths and weaknesses, your dashboard will include a personalized study plan tailored to your specific requirements. You can view all of your assignments and continue with your studies from this page.

Because Surgent CPA review is so customizable, it can be difficult to figure out how to use the course to get the most out of it at first. No need to worry; Surgent has a new student on board! Here, you may get instant answers to your queries and view a live demonstration of how your Surgent course works. No other review courses provide this level of personalized assistance in determining how to get the most bang for your money from your CPA review course.

What Courses Does Surgent CPA Review Offer?

Surgent offers a few prep courses, and all of them can help you pass. The Ultimate Pass includes everything you’d expect from a full review course and more, whereas the Premier Pass and Essentials Pass are entire study programs built for those on a lesser budget.

Surgent’s game-changing online CPA review course, the Ultimate Pass Package, in particular, includes valuable 1v1 personal attention from a dedicated success coach, as well as hours of mentorship from an Accounting Professor. There are no other courses like it at the moment.

Let’s go over the advantages of what’s included in the Ultimate Course Package:

  • Success Coaching (a $600+ Value): Students are also assigned dedicated success coaches to guide them along their CPA exam journey. Success coaches help students with study and exam schedules, study methodologies, test-taking skills, and accountability. Students will meet with a CPA Exam success coach for 12 sessions (3 30-minute sessions per section).
  • Surgent’s Critical Skills Certificate: Excel® for Accounting and Finance Professionals: Since its inclusion in the CPA Exam, students with Excel® skills have an advantage over those who do not. This course will provide students with a greater grasp of how to use Excel to their advantage during the CPA Exam, as well as a skill set that will set them apart from other job hopefuls or coworkers.
  • Printed Textbooks ($500+ value) and Flashcards ($150+ value): High-quality bound textbooks and spiral bound printed flashcards. These resources are completely consistent with the CPA Exam Blueprint categories. At the end of each category, printed textbooks feature multiple-choice questions, task-based simulations, and explanations (whereas digital textbooks do not). Surgent prints textbooks on demand and updates textbook content quarterly, ensuring candidates receive the most up-to-date content at the time of their request. In comparison, the majority of providers update their textbooks once a year.
  • Integrated Test Bank: The Ultimate Course offers an additional 1,000 MCQs, which is great for students who want to supplement their test preparation with extra study material.
  • Audio Review Course: Study on your way to work, in the car or on a beach while listening to the Surgent CPA Review audio course.
  • Ultimate Customer Support: Students receive the highest tier,unlimited content and technical support from Surgent’s concierge team, with responses guaranteed within one business day.

Surgent Benefits

Free Trial

Are you still undecided about taking an adapted course? You don’t have to commit to it before you spend a lot of money. Surgent provides a free trial so you may try it out before purchasing. (

Customer Service

Ultimate Customer Service features unlimited material and technical assistance with guaranteed responses within one business day. Surgent provides email support if you run across any troubles while studying. You can write the Surgent editorial team at with specific questions about the course content, and they will answer within 24 hours. Simply include your exam section and question ID number in your email so they can be as exact as possible.

Surgent provides unique access to excellent CPA training. With the Premier course, you will be assigned a Dedicated Coach who will provide you with individual guidance throughout your learning experience. Throughout your prep course, you will receive one-on-one study assistance, and you can begin your studies with a full onboarding session to ensure you are focusing on the proper areas.

Surgent provides email support if you run across any troubles while studying. You can write to the Surgent editorial team at with specific questions about the course content, and they will answer within 24 hours. Simply include your exam section and question ID number in your email so they can be as exact as possible.

With Ultimate classes, you will be assigned a Dedicated Coach who will provide you with individualized support throughout your learning experience.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning can be both beneficial and detrimental. Although technology is excellent and may greatly assist candidates in shortening their study time, some people are not prepared for this type of shift.

Unlimited Access

Surgent’s course access and updates are unrivaled in the industry. When you purchase Surgent CPA review, you will get unrestricted access to study resources until you pass the exam. You will never have to pay for new content because Surgent keeps its course always up to date. It’s comforting to know that when you buy Surgent, you’ll never have to pay any additional fees, as many other CPA review courses do. Surgent lets you use all of your course materials until you pass the complete exam. There are no fees for renewal or extension. You simply keep utilizing it till you achieve the status of CPA. This is a significant benefit and significant cost savings.

Financing Options

Surgent CPA Review provides 0% interest financing alternatives, making it inexpensive and accessible to everyone, especially when combined with our discounts!

Surgent CPA Discounts

Sergent is now providing a special discount on all of their CPA review courses. Please see the link below for further information! (

Surgent Exam Review – Drawbacks

No Offline Course

This CPA review course does not have an offline version. You cannot see the videos or practice multiple-choice questions unless you are logged into your account. However, you can read your printed study materials.

No Audio Lectures

This isn’t a significant concern, but many candidates prefer audio courses that they can listen to while driving or doing something else. This course does not include them.

Surgent CPA Reviews – Conclusion

This type of preparatory course is really effective. It has the potential to help applicants learn more faster than typical linear courses, but many people aren’t ready for it. It is only useful for applicants who intend to use it as intended. As a result, if you’re looking for an adaptive course, this one is a keeper. If you prefer a more traditional course, this is probably not the one for you. Having stated that It’s a fantastic course if you’re ready to embrace the new, cutting-edge technologies of an adaptive course. (
Surgent CPA Review – Surgent CPA Frequently Asked Questions


Is Surgent CPA good?

Surgent CPA Review is excellent. It is a really complete course, and it would be an excellent alternative for those who wish to learn effectively (especially if they prefer having the material explained to them via concise video lectures).

Which CPA Review is the best?

Surgent, Roger, and Gleim all have convincing advantages, depending on what is most relevant in your research (video content, practice questions, scheduling technology, task-based simulations, etc). Because each student is unique, utilize the comparison chart below to discover how they all compare.

Does Surgent CPA expire?

Surgent’s CPA review course does not have an expiration date! This is only one of the reasons we thought it was a good course.

Is Surgent compatible with smartphones and tablets?

Yes, Surgent’s course features are all compatible with the majority of smartphones and tablets. Surgent’s software is not supported by the Kindle Fire, Nook Tablets, or E-Readers.

Is there a pass guarantee?

Yes, Surgent has a pass guarantee. You can read the details here at

What is Surgent’s pass rate?

Surgent’s students have a rate of 89.7 percent. Students who complete their courses with a trending score of 80% or greater have a 100% pass rate.

What is adaptive learning?

Surgent added adaptive learning into their software so that it can immediately expose your areas of need and instantly construct a tailored study plan that focuses on where you need the most support. The idea is to cut down on study time while increasing efficiency.

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