2023 Roger CPA Review: All You Need To Know About Rodger CPA

UWorld Roger CPA review is one of the market’s most fascinating and comprehensive CPA review courses. It includes high-energy lectures to keep you engaged, strong diagnostics to measure your progress, and memorizing aids to help you remember the most important facts.

As a result, UWorld Roger CPA appears determined to make its course as effective as it is enjoyable, if not more so. Therefore, this course could be the ideal CPA exam prep for you.

Here are the key elements that distinguish UWorld Roger CPA Review from the other review courses.

UWorld Roger CPA Review Background

Roger Philipp began his career in the CPA exam prep market by giving live sessions in San Francisco before establishing UWorld Roger CPA Review. He then began creating interactive e-learning courses. Roger’s review courses were always popular in the Bay Area, where they were developed. However, UWorld Roger CPA Review is now a global brand with innovative online products that are available to everyone.

Furthermore, UWorld Roger CPA Review has a 91 percent pass rate after assisting over 200,000 individuals to become CPAs. As a result, UWorld Roger CPA has become one of the most recognizable names in the CPA Exam prep industry. And, as a UWorld purchase, Roger CPA will have even more opportunities for growth and improvement in the future.

UWorld Rodger CPA Review Courses

Previously, UWorld Roger CPA provided a wider range of review courses and product options. They have, however, reduced your options to just three. Every course option includes Roger’s SmartPath predictive technology.

Elite-Unlimited 4-Part CPA Review:

  • $2,999
  • Unlimited course duration
  • 6,000+ high-quality practice questions and task-based simulations
  • 100+ video lecture hours
  • Fully-featured mobile app
  • Enhanced learning tools
  • Printed course textbooks
  • Digital flashcards
  • 4-part cram course

Premier Bundle 4-Part CPA Review:

  • $1,899
  • 18 months course duration
  • 6,000+ high-quality practice questions and task-based simulations
  • 100+ video lecture hours
  • Fully-featured mobile app
  • Enhanced learning tools

Single Parts for each CPA Exam section:

  • 12 months course duration
  • High-quality CPA Exam questions
  • Video lectures
  • Fully-featured mobile app
  • Enhanced learning tools
  • Printed course textbooks

Features of Rogers CPA Exam Review

1. Video Lectures

Roger Philipp delivers over 100 hours of video lectures in his CPA Review. These lectures are divided into 10-30 minute parts of the course. Again, the course video player supports international students and applicants with hearing impairments by including viewing options like subtitles and video speed adjustments.

Furthermore, because the lectures and eTextbooks are displayed simultaneously, you can highlight and take notes in the textbook while watching the video lecture. This way, you’ll be actively and progressively learning rather than just coasting through the lectures.

2. Practice Questions and Practice Exams

The test bank at UWorld Roger CPA has approximately 6,000 practice questions. This figure includes 400 task-based simulations based on AICPA questions. You may use these practice questions in the CPA exam simulator to build an unlimited number of practice tests that simulate the testing atmosphere by adding a time constraint. However, you are still limited to 6,000+ practice questions from which to create these practice tests.

So, while the Roger test bank is on the small side in the CPA review course field, the company plainly indicates that they are aiming for a better test back rather than bigger.

3. Fast-Paced Lectures

Roger’s lectures go at a faster pace than those of other review courses. His upbeat teaching style keeps you involved and focused at all times. Some students, though, may struggle to keep up.

To remedy this issue, UWorld’s development team introduced the ability to slow down the playback speed of each video, as well as closed captions or subtitles for English. This is especially beneficial for international students, students with learning difficulties, and any other CPA candidates who like to learn at their own pace.

4. Printed Textbooks

The printed textbooks from Roger CPA contain the same concise content as the eTextbooks offered in the online course, allowing kinesthetic and linguistic learners to engage more with the course information. In addition, if you purchase the Elite-Unlimited package, you will receive both paper textbooks and eTextbooks. If you purchase individual parts of the course, you will also receive the printed textbooks.

However, because textbooks cannot be purchased separately, you will not be able to obtain them if you select the Premier Bundle course package.

5. Digital Flashcards

To develop digital flashcards, Roger’s group of experts chose over 200 terms, mnemonics, and summaries from the course content. Furthermore, because the Roger course is mobile compatible, you may access the flashcards on your phone or tablet for more convenient and flexible functioning. Furthermore, you can create your own flashcard decks to print and flip through. As a result, Roger provides kinesthetic learners with even more learning possibilities.

However, if you purchase the Elite-Unlimited package, you will only receive the digital flashcards. You can’t even get the flashcards in the individual sections of the course. Furthermore, printing out flashcards created on your computer hinders you from reaping the scientifically proven learning benefits of mentally rewording course material and physically writing out your adaptations to make your own flashcards.

6. 4-Part Cram Course

Do you have a limited study time or are you concerned that you haven’t recalled enough of the knowledge you’ve studied?

If so, UWorld’s 4-Part Cram Course was created precisely to solve your issues!

This is another feature that is only available if you pay for the Elite-Unlimited course. It provides a short overview of the most heavily examined topics in the CPA Exam. In this sense, Roger CPA Review’s Cram Course is analogous to Gleim CPA Review’s or Becker CPA Review’s Final Review. You can use this feature to identify and strengthen any residual shortcomings you may have before the CPA exam.

7. User Friendly Online Platform

The streamlined dashboard is one of the best features of UWorld Roger CPA Review. When you log in, you can select a course outline (BEC, FAR, AUD, or REG) and begin immediately. You can easily view a video, read from the study text, or jump right into some practice questions or flashcards without having to browse a plethora of sub-menus.

A countdown clock at the top of the dashboard tells you how many days before your CPA exam, and the top right remembers exactly where you left off during your most recent study session. It also displays you how much of the course you’ve previously finished so you can track your progress.

You may easily navigate through the site’s sections, view videos or listen to audio lectures, take notes, and solve practice questions. The dash keeps a current overview of all of your studies in the form of a table of contents; this allows you to see how much of a video you’ve seen and whether you’ve bookmarked specific topics.

8. Help Center

The Homework Help Center is a forum where you may ask questions regarding the material you’re learning. Within 24 hours, Roger’s team of qualified CPA moderators will provide you with a complete answer to your query.

In addition, the Elite-Unlimited comes with phone, chat, and email assistance. So, if you plan on depending on Roger’s experts to assist you with some of the more difficult CPA exam topics, you’ll need to invest in this package.

9. Access Until You Pass

You get an unlimited access duration when you buy the Elite-Unlimited course. As a result, until you pass the CPA Exam, you will always have access to the most recent edition of the Elite-Course. Furthermore, the duration of your course begins when you activate it from within your student account, not when you purchase it. And if you purchase the Elite or Premier Bundle course, which includes all four exam sections, all of the course parts will be activated at the same time.

However, if you purchase the Premier Bundle, your course access will only be valid for 18 months. Choosing individual Roger CPA Review course components gives you only 12 months of access. You can, however, extend your access to these review courses by purchasing a course renewal through your student account.

Course renewal periods are available in increments of one, three, six, or twelve months. These renewals begin on your course’s current expiration date, not the date of purchase. Furthermore, you cannot postpone the start date of your course renewal. Finally, you cannot buy a course renewal after your course access has already expired; you must do it before your course access expires.

10. Free Trial

UWorld Roger CPA offers a seven-day free trial. Before purchasing the course, you can use the trial to try out all of its features for a week. You don’t even have to provide your credit card number. So, if you want to learn more about the course before enrolling, you should make use of the free trial.

Pros of UWorld RogerCPA Review

Entertaining and Engaging Lectures

The main instructor at UWorld Roger CPA Review course is a lively and enthusiastic individual. Roger Philipp has an unique teaching style that demands your attention, making the other content contained in the prep course more effective as a result.

Simple to Understand Textbooks

The review textbooks with UWorld Roger CPA Review are available in both softcopy and hardcopy formats, allowing you to access them whenever you want. They are essentially entirely focused on what will be on the CPA exam, which eliminates a lot of the fluff found in other course materials.

Techniques and Technologies for Memorization

UWorld Roger CPA Review employs a number of techniques to help students retain information and recall finer details on CPA exam day. SmartPath predictive technology and spaced repetition are included in their flashcards. When you are able to retain extensive lists of knowledge after using these materials, you will have a significant advantage over other CPA candidates and will undoubtedly enhance your score!

New Course Features

You may take advantage of a number of valuable new features. For example, each video lecture has a section where you can type notes and format them while watching. The notes are kept in “My Notes Summary,” where they can be accessed and downloaded in HTML or PDF format at any time. You may also highlight text and build personalized flash cards right away.

What if the lecturer speaks too quickly for you to take notes? To solve this, UWorld Roger made it simple to change the speed of each video and/or add captions. In reality, video bookmarks can be used to ‘mark’ a specific period in the lecture video.

Audio Review Course

UWorld Roger’s audio review course is delivered with the same passion and excitement that we’ve come to expect from them. Furthermore, it is included with every package available on their website; unlike other CPA review courses, you will not be locked out if you choose a lower-cost tier.

Affordable Financing Options

Good CPA review courses are usually expensive, but UWorld Roger CPA has partnered with another company to offer affordable financing. Students can sign up for a single section of UWorld Roger CPA Review for $59 per month, which is the cheapest option. All you need to do is enter your basic information during the checkout process, and you’ll most likely get authorized with a decent interest rate. Aside from financing, UWorld frequently offers discounts and promotions to lower their base price.

Cons of UWorld Roger CPA Review

Limited Access

The Premier package is the most popular course at UWorld Roger CPA Review. This tier grants you access to all course materials for 18 months. This has been reduced from its original access period of 24 months following their most recent update. This may be ample time to prepare for your CPA exam, but you will only get unlimited access if you pay a little extra for their Elite-Unlimited package.

Insufficient Coverage

In the past, a significant number of my readers have complained that the UWorld Roger CPA Review course skims over exam content details. Some candidates appreciate this brevity because they believe it saves them time. Candidates who have not yet had practical experience in auditing and accounting, on the other hand, may struggle with this lack of coverage.

SmartPath Predictive Technology, on the other hand, assesses your knowledge of the CPA exam subject and guides you to study specific topics more thoroughly until you’ve mastered them. Again, the course gets its information on the levels of knowledge required to pass the CPA exam from prior successful students’ study habits. So, even if you don’t review a topic for very long or dig very deeply into it, meeting your knowledge objective for that topic assures that you have the comprehension required to pass.


Is Roger CPA sufficient on his own?

Because each candidate studies differently, answering that question is difficult. If you study best through interesting video lectures, this could be the course for you. In addition, Roger’s customizable flashcards, cram courses, and individual support could help you pass the CPA exam on your first attempt.

Is there any offline study materials available from UWorld Roger CPA Review?

Students who wish to study Roger CPA exam prep course materials but do not have access to the internet will be severely limited. However, some features, such as their physical textbooks and video lectures, can be viewed offline.

What is the pass rate for UWorld Roger CPA Review?

According to the website of Roger CPA, around 91% of students enrolled in one of their prep review courses will pass the CPA exam. This is the highest pass rate advertised for any CPA review course!

How to download the UWorld Rogers CPA MP3?

The audio lectures by Rogers are available on the UWorld Roger CPA app. When you are linked to the internet, you can download individual lectures to listen to later when you are not connected to the internet. You can save your favorite lectures by opening the app and following the instructions.

Is it possible to obtain a PDF copy of UWorld Rogers CPA?

Roger CPA offers both electronic and physical textbooks, depending on the package you choose. You can read electronic books on the internet. Although you can highlight and save the electronic version, you cannot download all electronic textbooks due to copyright restrictions.

There is, however, one exception. When you download and open the UWorld Rogers CPA app, you’ll see video lectures that you may save and watch later even if you’re not connected to the internet. You can also download a piece of the associated electronic textbook when you download those videos.

Is a Rogers CPA question similar to a CPA Exam question?

Roger CPA’s questions are based on the Blueprints for the AICPA exam. In fact, if you finish the full Roger course, you’ll face questions that cover every content area and topic listed in the Blueprints. Some of the questions in the Roger test bank had already been issued by the AICPA. Others were written by Roger CPA, and most candidates believe they are as difficult as, if not more difficult than, the questions on the real CPA exam.

Is it worth purchasing the UWorld Roger CPA?

In our opinion, it is well worth the money. This is a really good all-around prep course that is reasonably priced and includes everything you need to pass the CPA exam.


The biggest reason to choose UWorld Roger CPA Review is to see the man in action. His inspiring lectures, catchy mnemonics, and high-quality resources make studying for this difficult exam more enjoyable and efficient than other CPA exam prep courses. I admire Roger’s ability to make any accounting topic entertaining while removing any unnecessary information to reduce study time.

This course, however, is more than just a compilation of superb video content; it also has sophisticated technology to back it up. You should be able to learn important topics quickly thanks to their surprisingly robust digital flashcards and SmartPath integration.

Essentially, if you’re seeking for motivation, I recommend UWorld Roger CPA Review. It’s been created from the ground up to keep you interested, so you won’t be sorry!

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