39 Useful Gifts For Medical Students in 2023 – Presents for Future Doctors

Getting through to med school is quite an accomplishment and is something worth celebrating. Whether it’s for a holiday, a graduation gift, or just something to reward the hard work they’ve put in to earn the white coat, picking a gift is difficult but picking one for a medical student might be even harder! To help you out, we have created a gift guide with a list of suitable gifts for medical students!

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Herschel Backpack Herschel Backpack Most Recommended Option

1. Padded, contoured shoulder straps, breathable air mesh back padding lead to comfortable carrying.
2. Offering anti-theft protection.
3. Men/Women/Unisex backpack.
4. 24L Large capacity with multiple compartments.

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Stainless Steel Reusable Coffee Cup Insulated Flask Most Budget Friendly Option

1. Insulated Stainless Steel with autoseal technology to avoid spill and leak.
2. THERMALOCK Vacuum Insulation keeps hot for 5 hours, keeps cold 12 hours.
3. Easy clean lid.

8.5/10 Check Current Price
Suture Practice Kit Suture Practice Kit Most Elite Option

1. The most complete kit. Click in to see more.
2. The unique Arch Shape Base creates greater tension emulating real-life wounds conditions.
3. Creative Hook & Loop Design.
4. Double Protective Mesh.

8/10 Check Current Price
Light Therapy Lamp New Product

1. Adjustable colour temperature.
2. Custom brightness.
3. Easily store and transport.
4. Simple touch control.

7/10 Check Current Price
Noise Canceling Headphones New Product

1. 98% less noise with upgraded noise cancellation system.
2. Automatic selecting suitable level of adaptive noise cancelling.
3. Fast charging for long hours of playtime.
4. Double layer diaphragm (Produce sound with intense bass and crisp treble)

7/10 Check Current Price

Best Gifts for Medical Students (Med Student Gift Ideas)

Herschel Backpack

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Herschel bags are one of the most reliable bags you can get. They’re also a very useful gift for medical students since they’ll be expected to be lugging around 55 pounds of textbooks regularly. The Herschel backpack features a padded, fleece-lined laptop sleeve with an internal pocket for your smartphone and a headphone port. The drawstring closure will ensure that everything is snug inside.

Stainless Steel Reusable Coffee Cup Insulated Flask

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Med students are known for spending hours at night studying, which is why a cup of coffee is the most practical prescription written for them every morning! This Coffee Cup Insulated Flask may look small, but it holds up to 14 ounces of coffee to help med students get through their day. This is not only a great gift idea that’s practical, but it’s quite a funny gift as well to crack a smile from even the most serious med student.

Suture Practice Kit

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If you want gift ideas that are more practical, then you can consider getting this suture practice kit for med students. This also makes the perfect gift for a med student who’s just about to enter surgical rotations. The 27-piece kit comes with sutures, needles, and a life-like suture pad that mimics 3 layers of anatomy – skin, fat, and muscle.

Light Therapy Lamp

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Med students are always under a ton of pressure to meet deadlines and due dates, staying up late to study and waking up early to prepare for their exams. Long duration spent indoors in front of the screens and books mean that the medical student gets less natural light. This is where a light therapy lamp can step in to help boost energy and mood while they work.

Noise Canceling Headphones

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Another perfect gift for medical students is a set of headphones that will block out the surrounding sound, allowing them to focus on their study sessions. This is a great choice for students in pursuit of a medical degree that enjoy studying in challenging environments such as when studying while they travel or at a noisy cafe.

Classic Keurig Coffee Maker

Making coffee shouldn’t require too much mental exertion, but making coffee after a 24-hour rotation might just feel like an extremely daunting task for those in the medical field.

This single-serve machine brews six, eight, or ten ounces of coffee with one k-cup pod to give med students a little pick-me-up. A Keurig coffee maker is perfect for those who love to drink coffee after long hours at the hospital, or in the early mornings.

Pandemic Board Game

Med students need to take a break from medical school once in a while and this pandemic board game might just be what they need! This practical gift idea hits a little close to home, especially since we’ve dealt with COVID-19. This is a perfect gift for medical students who enjoy hosting or who are very social.

Stethoscope ID Tag

This ID tag for your med student’s stethoscope is extra-special since you can customize it with their name, and even add a quick message or a meaningful symbol to it. The personalized ID tags are available in copper, brass, aluminum, and sterling to suit individual preferences.

Stethoscope Necklace

Here’s a thoughtful gift for future doctors and nursing students alike. There are tons of design options with different colors ranging from silver gold, and rose gold to help you pick out the perfect necklace that your future medical professional will love.

Comfortable Shoes

Aspiring doctors are always running around, either in the library or in the hospital attending to multiple patients. This is why a pair of comfortable sneakers might just make for one of the most practical gift ideas for a future doctor. Among the available shoes online, the Allbirds Tree Runners is known for its extreme comfort. The sneakers are made from all-natural ingredients like eucalyptus trees, merino wool, castor beans, and other earthy resources/ renewable materials to be environmentally friendly.

The Allbirds Tree Runners sneakers have been ranked among the top picks for medical professionals who are constantly on their feet. These sneakers are even machine-washable so as to last your med student for years to come.


It’s not just shoes that med students need, they also need to pair their shoes with a pair of comfortable socks. The Allbirds Trino Sprinter performance socks are specially designed with ridiculous soft wool for a perfect fit. Similar to other Allbirds products, the socks are made from natural or recycled sources.

Anatomy Coloring Book

Working in a high-stress environment such as in the medical profession calls for some chill-out time to relax the mind. The anatomy coloring book not only helps to destress but also acts as an easy coloring and interactive study method for anyone studying anatomy. These coloring books can also be useful gifts for pre-med students.

Physiology Coloring Book

In addition to human anatomy, there are also coloring books that focus on specific physiology topics presented. This is also a very useful gift for med students as they’ll likely need to be studying this to great lengths. So, why not study them in a colorful, visual way.

Microbiology Coloring Book

Other than just what goes on in the body, med students need to also learn about viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoans, and other multicellular parasites. This coloring book makes learning more fun as it offers an opportunity to learn through planned and meaningful sequences while also allowing the medical student to de-stress. This is a helpful gift for pre-med students as they prep for medical school.

Syringe Highlighter Pens

These lifelike syringe highlighters are a fun way for your medical student to get through thousands of boring texts. You can even choose between two sets of colors, each with 6 syringe highlighter pens. These are one of the best gift ideas for medical students as they’re not only fun but also very useful in helping them get through med school.

Bone Pens

While you’re at it, might as well get them ballpoint pens shaped like human bones! These are fun and practical ideas for future doctors that are also surprisingly easy to write with.

Almost a Doctor Coffee Mug

Medical students are notorious for drinking a lot of coffee, so why not get them a coffee mug? But not just any coffee cup, get medical coffee lovers an almost-a-doctor coffee mug before their medical school graduation.

Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary

Every med student will need to familiarize themselves with medical definitions and lingo. Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary contains over 39,000 entries, covering the common terms a person in the medical field will use. This makes for one of the best gifts for medical school graduation.

Kill As Few Patients As Possible Book

This is an all-time favorite book among medical professionals. Dr. Oscar London’s writing is not just witty and hilarious but it also makes for a fantastic gift for medical students who enjoy reading.

Anatomical Posters

These anatomical posters are the best gift ideas for med students to decorate their walls with human anatomy. These posters come laminated and measure out to be 18×27 inches to fit on your medical student’s room wall.

The Year They Tried to Kill Me

This is an extremely relevant and insightful book for aspiring medical students as it discusses some trials and errors of a doctor surviving a surgical internship in a hospital with a fresh and humorous approach. Med school students can benefit from knowing their struggles are relatable.

Left and Right Brain-Computer Sleeve

This computer sleeve features brilliant colors on a fun design to help protect your medical student’s laptop. In fact, you might even be tempted to get one for yourself. The left and right brain-inspired designs are beautiful but also informative on just how complex our brain is.

Band-Aid Sticky Notes

These band-aid-inspired sticky notes will help your future doctor get through med school as it makes it fun to label and bookmark everything. This is one of the best gifts for med students who enjoy studying.

Human Organ Lunch Box

If you’re searching for fun, practical gifts, then this human organ lunch box might make your medical student laugh with delight. This is also a playful gift for EMTs and med students for them to keep their lunch warm.

Laboratory Shot Glasses

Laboratory shot glasses are great gifts for a nerdy med student to let loose and enjoy the night. These shot glasses are fun, quirky gifts that will be forever the life of the party. The set of 4 beaker shot glasses also comes included with 4 faux eye-dropped used for mixing.

Chemist’s Spice Rack

The chemist spice rack is a fun gift for any college student studying in the medical field who also likes to cook. It doesn’t only look fun, but it makes for a great way to store all your spices neatly.

Peptide Building Game

Here’s a fun tabletop card game that is designed to help aspiring doctors improve their science knowledge in biology class. The med school card game is built on accurate biology concepts to build knowledge and understanding of cells converting genes into proteins.

Brain Specimen Coasters

The brain specimen coasters offer a unique spin for your college student’s dining table. Each coaster on its own is a slice of the brain but once you stack all 10 coasters on top of each other, you get a full view of the brain.

The coasters even sport rubber feet underneath to ensure that the surfaces are not scratched, making them wonderful gifts for students who enjoy entertaining and maintaining their home while in med school.

Brain Ice Cube Mold

This brain shaped mold is a funny gift used for ice cubes, chocolate, and soap, making it a super fun medical school gift. This is a great choice for aspiring doctors who enjoy indulging in DIY crafts. It will even work great for Halloween-inspired parties

Liquid Timer (3-Pack)

A liquid timer is a fascinating gift where you watch the squishy, colored blobs inside dropping down without any need for electricity or power. These repetitive drips falling are not only nice to watch but they work to calm nerves and relieve the stress of med school.

The anxiety-relief toy is also very handy for calming patients who suffer from Autism, ADHD, and OCD, making this one of the best gifts you could give a medical professional who works with children or someone who needs a little me-time during breaks.

Scented Candle Set

Unwinding and relaxing after a long day of studying is extremely underrated, especially for those in the medical profession. These scented candle sets make great gifts for medical students as they offer a luxurious and calming feeling at the end of the day. The set comes with 4 candles, each with a burning time of up to 30 hours resulting in a total of 120 hours of use.

Bath Bombs

Speaking of relaxation, here’s another set of gifts that is perfect for med students who enjoy a good bath and a glass of wine after a long day of med school. This may seem more on the feminine side, but it’s also a great gift for those in medical school who enjoy treating themselves once in a while.

Comfortable Slippers

Wool slippers may be a bit of a splurge but they’re certainly worth it. The cozy slippers are made from upcycled scraps such as leftover ZQ Merino wool and recycled polyesters. The outsoles are also made from natural rubber so you don’t have to worry about sliding and slipping on the ground too much.

Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game

Cytosis is a fun educational board game that helps new doctors or aspiring doctors learn cell biology. This is often referred to as a “meducational” board game that’s more fun to play with, especially for those who want to learn interesting facts about enzymes, hormones, receptors, and more.

Heart Art Decal

This is a cool, high-quality art decal that can be placed both indoors and outdoors. The decal can be safely put on cars, trucks, laptops, and any other smooth and flat surfaces. The high quality decal even lasts up to 7 years for the medical student to be thinking of you for years to come.

Personalized Hanger

Every practicing physician will need to have a place to hang their lab coat and this keepsake is destined to support only their most important garments. The white coat hanger even offers two levels of customization, up to eighteen character names crafted in wire plus a badge to match their chosen field.

White Coat Wine Bag

This is an awesome present for a white coat ceremony, especially for medical students who love wine or hosting friends. This simple gift is just what the doctor ordered and can be wrapped around a nice bottle of the student’s favorite wine.

DNA Pendant

If you’re looking for unique gifts for medical and science students, then the DNA pendant is a beautiful unique piece of jewelry that can be proudly worn by a student in med school. The pendant is made from solid 925 sterling silver and is designed in the shape of a double helix DNA. The molecule is composed of two polynucleotide chains that gracefully coil around each other to form an all-powerful double helix.


Notebooks are a perfect necessity during a student’s medical knowledge-seeking journey and will certainly come in handy for taking notes during and between classes. The unique pocket notebooks include four different medical-inspired vintage-style covers that feature detailed skeletal, brain, and heart anatomy illustrations. It’s even the perfect size to fit comfortably in one hand or back pocket.

Conclusion for Medical Students Presents

We have finally reached the end of our guide on the best gifts for future doctors. Whether you want to celebrate their graduation or just to thank them for their services, our list includes some of the top gifts for medical students that you can get your hands on.

Frequently Asked Questions on Med School Student Gifts

What are the gift ideas for med students?

Every pre-med or medical student will need basic supplies including a stethoscope, pens/highlighters, computer, scrubs, backpack, and other basic living supplies. Our list includes gifts for medical students that meet these basic necessities for medical school.

What gifts can you prepare for a pre med student that are starting their medical school?

First-year medical or pre-med students will find a new notebook, backpack, pens, coffee mug, or watch to be great gift ideas.

What can I put in a med student’s gift basket?

A medical student gift basket can include healthy snacks care package or a healthcare gift basket ideas that include bath sets to essential oil gift packs.

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