12 Best Shoes For Surgeon in 2023 – Best Shoes for the Operating Room

“Shoes are like friends; they may either help you or hurt you.” This is true not only in terms of fashion, but also in terms of performance. Every occupation necessitates the use of appropriate footwear. A surgeon saves lives, but it’s not just his or her expertise and patience that make the difficult task possible. While saving lives, a doctor or surgeon goes through a lot of agony. Apart from straining the eyes, the feet are the ones that suffer the most. For a surgeon, the most difficult thing is standing for long periods of time.

Furthermore, few people realize that physicians require comfortable, slip-resistant footwear to assist them during the day. The majority of individuals, even surgeons, are ignorant of the significance of shoes in their profession. Here are some of the things to consider while shopping for shoes surgeons wear. It will assist you in making the best decision and dealing with your daily challenges more effectively. In addition, we will cover the ten best hospital shoes for doctors to assist you.


Image Product Editor’s Comment Rating Get The Best Deal
"/ Keen Utility PTC Slip-ons Most Recommended Option

1. Fashionable and functional.
2. Oil and slip resistant.
3. Conforms to foot shape.
4. Extra support and cushioning.

9.7/10 Check Current Price
Klogs Women’s Naples Mule Most Budget Friendly Option

1. Trendy design.
2. Molded footbed for good arch support.
3. Shock absorbant.
4. Roomy toe box.

8.5/10 Check Current Price
Skechers Nampa Groton Service Black Polyurethane Skechers Nampa Groton Service Black Polyurethane Most Elite Option

1. Memory foam.
2. Electrical hazard.
3. Slip Resistant.
4. Relaxed fit.

8/10 Check Current Price
Crocs Unisex Adult Literide Clog with Upper Ventilation Crocs Unisex Adult Literide Clog New Product

1. Snug Fit.
2. Upper ventilation to help with sweat.
3. Easy to wash.
4. Good traction from rubber for extra grip.

8/10 Check Current Price
K-Swiss ST329 CMF Training Shoes K-Swiss ST329 CMF Training Shoes New Product

1. Lace up sports shoes.
2. Lightweight and breathable material.
3. Memory foam footbed.
4. Shock absorption midsole.

7.8/10 Check Current Price
Hoka Bondi / Bondi LTR / Bondi SR Hoka Bondi / Bondi LTR / Bondi SR New Product

1. Alleviates foot discomfort.
2. Lightweight.
3. Easy to clean.
4. Protective material.

7.5/10 Check Current Price
Dansko Women’s Professional Clog Dansko Women’s Professional Clog New Product

1. Customizable .
2. Durable.
3. Big and reinforced toe box.
4. Comfy footbed.

7/10 Check Current Price
Birkenstock Boston Birkenstock Boston New Product

1. Numerous designs with different materials.
2. Flexible.
3. Shock absorbing.
4. Lightweight.

7/10 Check Current Price

Smart Surgeons Shoes

The grip of a good pair of surgical shoes is what draws people to them. In other words, these shoes have such a strong grip that users are certain to have unrivaled traction. High jumpers love to wear these shoes because they allow them to jump smoothly. A few inches higher, they’ll be able to function flawlessly.

Furthermore, with these dependable shoes, one may maintain his confidence even on damp terrain without the risk of slipping. So, when it comes to durability, it’ll be nice to know that doctors’ shoes are noted for their glue and threading. As a result, they gain strength and power. Even if individuals use them on a regular basis, they may easily last a year.

Throughout the year, doctors may be seen looking for hard and tough shoes that will provide them joy. Also, to stroll in a variety of shoes. Even city runners will fall in love with these shoes because of their exceptionally soft bottoms and excellent grip. Surgeons will just proceed with their best guess when it comes to the perfect fit. There are two reasons for this: Surgical shoes are comfortable to wear and available in a variety of patterns and colors. These shoes have a snug fit and will keep individuals from landing in strange angles, no matter how long they want to wear them.

Surgeons also require specific footwear to ensure that they are comfortable throughout their procedures. Shoes for surgeons also play an important part in this. Wearing such pairs allows for a great deal of movement freedom. As well as agility. One of the reasons why surgeons’ shoes are now tallied is because of this. For aerobics pros, this is one of the best pairs of shoes.

Shoes for doctors will undoubtedly prove to be a real friend for any surgeon trying to keep healthy and active. And there are a variety of reasons why they are so popular. These lightweight sneakers are ideal because of their excellent absorbing capability. With sturdy soles, you’ll be able to put in a powerful effort on the field. Yes, put on the best shoes for surgery residence you can afford and keep your feet protected. Remember, you’re not a construction worker; you need to be able to walk comfortably in order to provide comfort to your patients.

These new-age shoes will provide more natural mobility due to their lack of unnecessary padding. As a result, individuals are relieved of the burden of carrying it with excessive effort.

Many users, on the other hand, may have reservations about the price. The correct shoes for surgeons, on the other hand, simply outperform the budgetary factor with their sole, material, performance, durability, and so on, given those great qualities and other favorable elements. It has catered to runners and surgeons for years, and it is now continuing the tradition of impressing surgeons, doctors, and other medical professionals.

So, aside from improving one’s field performance, surgical shoes outperform other footwear in terms of keeping one active and ensuring that one maintains his body balance in the greatest possible way. If you are willing to spend on surgical footwear, believe it or not, your money will be well spent.

Why Surgeons Need Good Shoes

Yes, doctors must occasionally stand for long amounts of time when performing surgery. Many operations, on the other hand, require only two or three hours.

However, surgeons do not reside in the operating room. They’re also rushing to an emergency or checking up on their patients while wandering about.

That means their shoes must be adaptable enough to handle anything the day throws at them, not just in the operating room. And they’ll be on their feet for the most of the day.

Doctors and surgeons, like nurses, don’t have much (if any) time to take a break and rest their feet. They are active throughout the day at work.

All of this exercise adds up to a lot of wear and tear on your feet. Your feet will suffer the price if you wear ill-fitting, uncomfortable shoes with little padding or support. It’s not only your feet, either. Plantar fasciitis, bunions, and ankle, knee, and even lower back discomfort can all be caused by wearing the wrong shoes.

A decent shoe will not only keep you comfortable, but it will also keep you functioning and clear of any potential foot ailments. And if you already have foot problems, you understand the importance of wearing the appropriate shoes.

Aside from the comfort factor, there’s also the issue of safety. Shoes with a slick sole or an unstable footbed can cause falls and foot injuries if they come into contact with a falling object.

What Are The Features Of A Good Shoe For Surgeons?

A shoe can only have so many characteristics — after all, it’s just a shoe. Is that true, though? You have slippers, boots, jogging shoes, sandals, clogs, high heels… you get the idea.

There are many different styles of shoes, but only a handful satisfy the parameters that a surgeon requires. Most surgeons seek for these five characteristics in a shoe:

Non-slip sole

Comfort and a non-slip sole were a close fight, but the non-slip sole received the most votes. It’s understandable, since in the operating room, you can’t afford to fall asleep in the middle of an operation.

And it’s not simply a few slips in the OR. You’ll be strolling through other areas that may have a liquid spill or other slipping danger, and most people don’t fall for fun. There’s a danger of getting hurt.


Comfort is in a close second place. The most common sort of comfort noted was having enough support and padding to make standing for long periods of time a breeze. Another important reason why nurses, as well as other health professionals, wear a surgery clogs.


Having strong arch and ankle support is a big part of that comfort. This support adds to a stable footbed that provides a solid basis for standing.


Whether it’s a clog with an enclosed toebox or a complete lace-up shoe, a decent surgeon’s shoe should provide some foot protection. Dropping a sharp medical tool or spilling a liquid is always a possibility. You want your toes to be protected.

Easy to clean

Spills do happen, and they may leave nasty stains on your shoes. Shoes that are easy to clean are sometimes overlooked, yet they are an important feature for a surgeon’s shoe.

The finest shoes for surgeons on our list fulfill all five of these requirements. So, no matter whatever style or brand you choose, you’ll get a shoe that’s ready to take on the challenges you’ll throw at it.

What Kind Of Shoes Are Best For Surgeons

Because a surgeon’s shoe must have five characteristics, there are five sorts of shoes, independent of brand, that meet all of these requirements. We’ll define each of them for you:


It’s not the same as the wooden ones worn by the Dutch, but it’s close. The clog is made out of a single-piece shell made of full-grain leather or synthetic fabric, which is attached to a substantial footbed and sole. A single piece of injection-molded EVA foam can sometimes act as a blockage (like Crocs).

Clogs have no laces and an open rear. You simply put your foot in. A low lip to cup your heel or a strap to help hold your foot in place may be present.

Dansko, Crocs, and Alegria are just a few of the brands available.


Mules are similar to clogs but feature a closed heel. With a mule, you’ll have greater protection and less chance of your foot falling out. A high heel is common in mules for support and stress absorption. They can be open-backed, like a clog, but with a higher heel and strap and a less clunky construction.

Dansko, Alegria, and others are among the brands available.


A slip-on shoe is one that has no laces and allows your foot to glide straight in. I suppose it technically qualifies a mule as a slip-on, but most people associate slip-ons with sportier styles.

Some slip-ons include a full-grain leather top, while others use a more breathable mesh fabric. The most comfortable sort of shoe for surgeons is definitely these. You’ll never have to worry about your laces coming undone as a result of this.

Skechers, Dansko, and Doves are just a few of the brands available.

Running shoes

With their thick, soft bottoms, molded footbeds with superb arch support, and lightweight, breathable construction, running shoes are made for comfort. For surgeons, nurses, physicians, and other healthcare personnel, running shoes are approximately as ubiquitous as clogs. Are you a fan of the distinctive “swoosh” design? If that’s the case, get thrilled since we also have a large selection of the best Nike sneakers for nurses.

The fact that most running shoes are designed with permeable mesh textiles is their one downside, despite all the high points they score for comfort. While they provide excellent ventilation, they are difficult to clean and do not shield your feet from spillage.

Nike, Saucony, Hoka One One, and Brooks are among the brands available.

Walking shoes

Walking shoes are the big, comfy touring sedan if running shoes are Ferraris. A walking shoe, while having many of the same attributes as a running shoe, is more focused on arch support, stability, and cushioning. They also have a stronger sole and a “rounded” sole shape, which aids in the promotion of a natural walking stride.

New Balance, Brooks, and K-Swiss are among the brands available.

Okay, we’re nearly to the greatest surgical sneakers. But, before we get to the list, now that you know what sort of shoe you want, let’s talk about how to achieve the best fit for the shoes you do decide on.

How To Get The Best Fit From Your Shoe

Isn’t it true that everyone knows their shoe size? It’s as simple as determining which foot is larger and how broad your feet are. Of course, you’re aware that various brands have varying fits — no surprise there.

Unless you’re having custom-made shoes created in Italy, it implies you’re trying on shoes. However, putting on shoes entails more than simply slipping your feet into them. You should keep the following in mind if you want to get the finest fit out of your shoes:

Try on shoes during the end of your day

As the day goes on, your foot swells, and the foot in your shoe at the start of your shift isn’t the foot in your shoe at the conclusion. If you don’t consider this, you can wind up with a shoe that is too tight. So, towards the end of the day, when your foot is at its largest, try on your shoes.

Snug fit with wiggle room is ideal

So the shoe doesn’t slide around on your foot and cause blisters, you want it to be tight. Snug, on the other hand, does not imply death grip. Your toes should have some wiggle space while your midsole, arch, and heel are tightly held in place. While walking, there should be no movement of the shoe.

Try on shoes while wearing your work socks

Try on your shoes with the socks you’ll be wearing at work, especially if you’ll be wearing compression socks. You won’t obtain a true fit otherwise. Alternatively, you might try on the shoes with a variety of socks to see how comfortable they are.

Give Yourself Some Space

Most shoe companies recommend 3/8 to 1/2 inch of space beyond your big toe to the end of the shoe. You don’t want your toes to be pushed into the very end. If you’re trying on running shoes, you might want to start at the top. A decent indicator is the breadth of your thumb.

Walk around

It’s nearly instinctive for everyone to stroll about in their shoes before purchasing them. However, put your shoes through a variety of actions, including standing, stretching, walking, and even running, to observe how they react and how flexible they are.

These are five easy reminders that, if followed, can ensure that you obtain the optimum fit from your new shoes. So, without further ado, here are the Best Shoes For Surgeons. We divided the shoes into three categories: top-rated overall, kind, and foot conditions. You should be able to locate exactly what you’re searching for if you have enough styles (and then some).

Best Shoes For Surgeons

In the Best shoes category, you’ll find all of the classics from companies that practically every healthcare worker wears. You’ll know these brands because their quality, comfort, safety, and just about everything else about them makes them ideal for surgeons.

Keen Utility PTC Slip-ons


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Keen is recognized for making high-quality work shoes for a variety of industries. This surgical shoe is both fashionable and functional.

Men’s and women’s designs are available in sizes ranging from 7 to 14, and 5 to 11, respectively. Black and white are available for males, while black, white, blue, and two hues of brown are available for ladies.

An oil- and slip-resistant grip rubber outsole is included. It’s also non-marking and has lots of traction tread.

Leather upper is weather and stain resistant, with elastic panels on the side of the instep for easy on and off. Removable footbeds consisting of polyurethane, memory foam, and cork are found within the shoes. As you walk, this conforms to your foot, offering support and cushioning.

When you’re standing in surgery for hours, EVA midsoles and stability shanks assist support your feet.

There are always some drawbacks, and it looks that the insoles in these shoes aren’t very durable and may need to be replaced frequently. They also appear to be on the big side, so you may need to decrease.

These shoes contain water and stain-resistant leather uppers and are rated for oil and slip resistance. For comfort and support, the replaceable insoles are cushioned and adapt to your feet. The sole is further reinforced with an EVA midsole and a stability shank.

Klogs Women’s Naples Mule


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Naples is capable of doing double duty. It’s perfect for work or the weekend due of the sleek style and large variety of colors and patterns.

This shoe is incredibly cute and has a trendy, easy-to-wear shape.

There’s a reason that health-care professionals and servers entrust their lengthier shifts to the Naples.

The outsole and molded footbed work together to give outstanding arch support, shock absorption, and traction.

Uppers made of full-grain leather are meant to last. Quality manufacturing and careful design are exemplified by thoughtful details like a cushioned collar and a roomy toe box.

Dual goring inserts on either side of the Klogs Naples provide a supple, secure fit.

The interior is softly lined for next-to-skin comfort, and there’s a detachable latex-free contoured cushioned footbed that’s been thoroughly treated to be antimicrobial to keep your feet feeling great.

The midsole is made of lightweight polyurethane and aids in shock absorption, while the outsole is a maximum slip-resistant rubber that provides stability in wet and greasy conditions.

Skechers Nampa Groton Service Black Polyurethane


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These are wonderful surgical shoes for male doctors to consider. The athletic design has a number of amazing features that will keep you comfortable all day. They are available in sizes ranging from 7 to 15, with wide and extra-wide variants available for some.

This lightweight shoes featuring FlexSoles combine with memory foam inserts to provide cushioning and support for your feet. The slip-resistant rubber outsoles provide exceptional grip, and the shoes are electrically graded.

Such shoes are spacious and provide your toes plenty of freedom to move about with their shock absorbing midsole.

On the flipside, while many people find these shoes comfortable, their durability is debatable. After less than a year of consistent wear, the sole may begin to separate. They also appear to run on the big side, so keep that in mind when choosing your size.

These might be decent shoes for male physicians if you don’t like clog-style footwear. They’re non-slip, feature stain- and water-resistant uppers, and are approved for electrical hazards. The combination is completed with plenty of padding and support.

Crocs Unisex Adult Literide Clog with Upper Ventilation


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KSO EVO (Evolution) was introduced in February 2014, after being a part of the original KSO (Keep Stuff Out). It is presently the most adaptable footwear in the Vibram Five Fingers range. Its separate toe slots provide more stability and dexterity, and it is known for its thick soles. Because of its light weight, it is ideal for road running, as well as dry trails, treadmills, leisure, and travel. Crocs Unisex Adult Literide Clog with Upper Ventilation is ideal for regular gym attendees since it features a breathable mesh upper polyester fabric that keeps smells at bay.

Snug Fit and Flexible

Crocs Unisex Adult Literide Clog with Upper Ventilation has an upper lace that provides a tight fit for wearers, while the sole has a zig-zag design that makes it completely flexible in all directions.

Easy to Wash

Crocs Unisex Adult Literide Clog with Upper Ventilation shoes may be machine cleaned in cold water, which is one of its best features of this best shoes.

Great Traction

This fashionable shoe from the FiveFingers series has a high-quality rubber sole that provides excellent grip.

K-Swiss ST329 CMF Training Shoes


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For working in the operating room, some of you may prefer lace-up sports shoes. If that’s the case, these K-Swiss sneakers would be a good match.

There are 17 hues for males and 14 for women, with chili-pepper red and dark blue being two of the more unusual choices.

Men’s sizes range from 6.5 to 15, while women’s sizes range from 5 to 11. Men can choose between a normal or broad fit.

The leather upper are lightweight and breathable, and the lacing mechanism keeps them in place. A memory foam footbed conforms to your foot to give support and cushioning exactly where you need it. EVA is used in the midsole to provide additional comfort and shock absorption.

The elements are completed with a rubber outsole with a firm tread for stability.

Because these shoes look to be on the narrow side, they may not be suited for people with particularly broad feet. Some people appear to like memory foam insoles, while others don’t. It appears that the jury is still out on that specification, therefore we urge that you try them on before making a final decision.

If you’re looking for a sneaker-style shoe, this K-Swiss product could be for you. Leather upper, a secure lacing mechanism, and memory foam insoles are all included. For stability, the rubber outsole has a thick tread.

Hoka Bondi / Bondi LTR / Bondi SR



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To begin with, the Hoka Regular Bondi is a running shoe with a breathable mesh top; the Hoka Bondi LTR is a similar shoe with a leather upper; and the Hoka Bondi SR has a leather upper with a slip-resistant outsole.

The Bondi is ideal for surgeons, cooks, waiters, and teachers who deal with a lot of blood and urine, soap, and damp surfaces.

Hoka eventually released two leather Bondi models that are also slip-resistant. The Bondi SR has been thoroughly tested under industry standards to ensure that you don’t slide while in the OR. Water, soap, and oil have all been used to test it.

The Bondi SR has a few distinguishing features. It has a soft leather upper, a cushioned tongue, and a padded heel.

Most significantly, the Bondi has Hoka’s signature full-length EVA midsole, which is one of the most popular features among runners.

The midsole is obviously extremely cushioned, and you may be concerned that it may be difficult to walk or stand in.

Not at all. The midsole was developed by Hoka so that your feet would sit in the midsole rather than on top of it. to ensure that your feet are as secure as possible

You’ll feel secure in the Bondi if runners do.

The top is water-resistant, which will assist you deal with any liquids you may come into touch with at work.

The Bondi also features a roomy toe box, which is a fantastic feature. As a result, when your feet begin to swell, they’ll have plenty of area to spread out. Despite the fact that the toe box is bigger, the shoe nevertheless fits snugly around your midfoot.

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

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What Makes Them Stand Out

Dansko clogs is known for producing more than just professional, high-quality footwear for men. Dansko’s Women’s Professional Clog Shoes are designed to provide female surgeons with the finest support and comfort possible. As a result, we can confidently state that they are among the best shoes for female surgeons. The finest features of these shoes are their dependability, fashion, and support. The slip-on design ensures that you are always prepared and secure. Standing for lengthy periods of time is made easier by the big toe box and comfy footbed. Leather upper, sock liners, and polyurethane footbeds all let your feet to breathe and stay fresh. When walking or standing, the instep sports a cushioned collar for enhanced comfort. A roomy reinforced toe box provides plenty of wriggle area while still protecting your toes.


These operating room shoes are comprised of a tough and long-lasting leather. The slip-on design makes it easy to put on and take off the shoes in a flash. The shoes’ construction is unique in that they are constructed entirely of leather, decreasing the number of stitches and linings that wear away and break over time.


It has a tough build that makes it dependable and long-lasting. In non-toxic situations, such as the hospital, they will last for many years. Water and stain resistance are other features of the leather. This means the shoes are simple to clean and require little upkeep.


For extended hours of operation, the shoes keep your feet padded and supported. The only disadvantage is that they are not very breathable. Your feet may sweat a little if you’ve been standing for a long time. However, because of their large form and structure, they provide a high level of stability and ease. The toe box is extremely spacious, and the broad heels give good walking stability. The memory foam footbed relieves discomfort in the feet, ankles, and hips caused by lengthy hospital shifts. Shocks are absorbed by the rocker bottom sole, which protects your feet. The cushioned collar adds to the comfort, and the slip-resistant polyurethane outsole provides the finest traction on the terrain.

Who wears the Dansko shoes professional

The Dansko can be worn by everyone except surgeons, physicians, and nurses. For persons who are on their feet for lengthy periods of time, they give comfort, padding, and support.

It’s also ideal for anyone who plans to be on their feet all day and requires substantial foot support. If your foot is a bit broad and you only need a little more support, this is the shoe for you.

So the Dansko is ideal for any job that needs you to stand for long periods of time, or even for a stay-at-home parent who is constantly on the go.

Box leather

The box leather is the roughest of the three, with a shininess in the centre. It’s the most difficult and difficult, and it was designed for physicians, surgeons, nurses, cooks, institutional usage, and so on.

That is primarily where the Dansko firm and its enviable reputation arose.

People who are on their feet for long periods of time wear this clog for 18 hours straight and report that it maintains their feet feeling excellent. This blockage also aids these individuals’ back and foot issues.

Although all of these clogs have the same bottom, the Box leather top is certainly the one you require if you operate in a demanding workplace.

Oiled leather

It has a nice nap on top, and there are some little flaws in the leather that you can see. That isn’t a defect; the oil has just been shifted around.

The oiled leather is the quickest to break in, but because it’s softer and more oiled on the surface, it’s more prone to stains and exterior materials.

Birkenstock Boston


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You can’t go wrong with Birkenstock’s Boston if you’re searching for some of the best shoes for surgeons.

The Birkenstock Boston is a classic Birkenstock model that comes in a wide range of colors and upper materials, including suede, oiled leather, smooth leather, nubuck leather, birkibuc, and birkoflor. Birkenstock’s non-leather options include the birkibuc and birkoflor.

The one in the photo is made of suede. It’s a thick, soft leather that was created without the use of extra colors to make surgeons’ hands breathable, sturdy, and pleasant.

EVA is used to make the outsole, which is light, flexible, robust, and a pair of shock absorbing midsole shoes.

If you want a little more cushioning, the Boston is also available in a soft footbed version, which features a layer of memory foam over the cork for more softness.

Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe

The Merrell Men Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe Trail will now take field performance to a whole new level, putting a stop to the frenzied quest for the appropriate footwear. This pair has a sticky Vibram outsole that provides grip and a high-quality rubber outsole. Even if you want to wear this feather-light trail shoe for hours, you will feel exceptionally comfortable.

Furthermore, its breathable mesh top keeps the foot cool, making it simpler to undertake a variety of sports, such as jogging and leaping, as well as rock climbing and aerobics training.

Sweat free

The eternal M Select Fresh technology keeps the Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip Ons surgical shoe free of perspiration and moisture. It maintains freshness with slide ons, while antimicrobial ingredients keep odor at bay.

Comfortable to wear

The lug patterns on the pair provide stability in a variety of settings, resulting in greater comfort for the wearer. It also provides excellent grip in harsh temperatures and on both wet and dry surfaces.

Value for money

The Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe is a great value for money shoe that combines style, comfort, and technology. It has a price tag that will never burn a hole in your pocket, yet has a variety of great features.


The shoes contain breathable mesh linings in addition to a 100 percent full-grain leather body that is durable and long-lasting. Even if you expose the leather body to chemicals and other dangerous elements, it may persist for years. The mesh linings keep the feet fresh and breezy while the leather structure makes it sturdy and tough. Even when worn all day, it does not cause the feet to sweat. This ensures that the feet are not only pleasant but also odor-free. Also, the shoes are simple to put on, and you can slip them on in a flash. It keeps you on your toes at all times.

Slip resistant outsole

M-Select GRIP technology is used on the outsole. It provides good traction on all surfaces and allows you to grasp the ground tightly. When you are in a rush, it is vital to protect yourself against mishaps. This is especially critical when dealing with slick surfaces and moist floors, which are common in hospitals.

Comfort and support

Overall, the shoes are really comfy. The interiors are sufficiently big and roomy. The toe box is rather large, allowing the feet to fit comfortably without irritating the sides. The ankle is further supported by a cushioned collar. The air cushions in the heels and the 2 inch heel keep you steady and comfy. By cushioning your heels with each stride, it helps you maintain proper posture and reduces heel discomfort. For lengthy periods of time, these air cushions and the EVA midsole soften the shocks caused by hard surfaces. These characteristics guarantee that you are comfortable throughout the day and that you have adequate support to work for lengthy periods of time.

Birki Women’s Clogs and Mules

Birki Women’s Clogs and Mules are vegan-friendly and manufactured from a combination of nylon, mesh, and synthetic. They were formerly among the most valued footwear for technical runners in the 1980s. It has a fresh look as a result of its great resurgence, enticing both young and elderly. It’s light in weight and has a traditional lace-up fastening for a secure fit. This fashionable pair achieves increased flexibility and delivers comfort with a 2-tone EVA midsole and flex channels. It’s even better because it has a rubber sole that provides excellent grip.

Revolutionized Outsole

The updated outsole of Birki’s Clog is responsible for its increased stability, as well as offering shock absorption.

Cozy on the Foot

It has a beautiful textile inside, a light-padded collar, and a sturdy TPU heel, making it quite pleasant to wear.


The upper portion of Birki’s Clog is vegan-friendly, implying that no animal products were used, assuring skin safety.

Alegria Women’s Keli

Keli is a women’s Alegria shoe. Alegria’s Keli is the most popular style in their whole collection.

Alegria began as an orthopedic footwear manufacturer. So they began developing and producing shoes for working professionals, such as doctors, nurses, salon workers, teachers, and restaurant staff, who are on their feet for nine to twelve hours a day.

Alegria has been supporting these people’s feet for decades, and now they’re offering new designs so that everyone may have just as comfy feet no matter how long they stand.

What distinguishes Alegria as one of the best operating room shoes choices?

These sneakers include a half-inch rubber outsole and bottom that is both slip- and stain-resistant.

The replaceable footbed is the nicest feature of Alegria shoes. As a result, there’s a proprietary interlocking footbed made of soft polyurethane cork and memory foam.

From heel to toe, this combination provides tailored comfort. Wearing the Keli for a short length of time will cause the footbed to mold to the bottom of your foot.

What’s even better about the footbed is that it provides plenty of support in the arch area.

Walking all day is less unpleasant than standing all day since your entire body weight is distributed evenly over your feet, and if you don’t have proper arch support and even weight distribution, you’ll develop problems.

The Keli’s cushioned neck and heel make it extremely comfortable to wear. The heel is not only matched to a woman’s heel, but it also covers yours.

The double goring on either side and the cushioned instep across the vamp expand and allow even more room for broader feet or feet that swell towards the end of the day.

The goring also makes it simple to slip your foot into these shoes for surgeons and go.

The Keli is supported by Alegria’s professional fashion outsole. The outsole includes a modest mild rocking action and two slip-resistant rubber inlays to keep you from slipping at work or wherever life takes you.

Timberland Pro Women’s Renova

The Timberland Renova will keep your feet safe. They have a stain-resistant full-grain leather upper that has been coated with the 3M Scotchgard protection.

They have a simple slip-on design with panels of goring for more elasticity and movement.

The interior has a silky lining and a Bi-Fit Tri-density footbed that will cradle your feet and provide plenty of arch support and comfort.

The Renova also includes an excellent odor control technology that helps with moisture management, so your feet stay nice and fresh.

This shoe has a heel-to-toe rocker for added comfort, reduced forefoot pressure, and optimal joint motion management.

All of this is supported by a non-marking crepe slip-resistant outsole that provides a secure grip on a range of surfaces.

The Timberland Renova also has Timberland Pro Anti-Fatigue technology, which provides greater shock absorption and comfort so you can feel fantastic while standing on your feet all day.

Foot Care tips

We’d like to share some tips we’ve learned from healthcare professionals on how to keep your feet happy and pain-free, despite all the abuse they suffer, since you’ve made it this far through our tome of best shoes for surgeons (unless you skipped to the top).

Here are a few basic things you can do to help:

Wear compression socks

Compression socks are a must-have for anybody who spends lengthy periods of time on their feet. Why?

Compression socks, as the name implies, compress. They’re comprised of high-quality elastic that provides mild yet strong compression to your lower extremities from the calf down. If you’re in the medical field, you already know this. So make sure you’re wearing a pair at all times.

Stretch your feet

You should stretch your feet before a shift, just like you would before working out or going for a run. It’s something that no one ever considers. You simply get up, get dressed, and leave. Your feet were never given the opportunity to stretch.

So take 5 minutes to stretch your feet when you wake up, before you go to work, at work, and when you go home. They should be stretched forward and backward, then side to side, and finally rolled around. Adding stretching to your calves is also a wonderful idea.

Practice your foot

Many individuals neglect the need for appropriate foot care. People who are on their feet all day for work should evaluate their feet at least once a day. Any concerns with your feet should be addressed as soon as possible before they worsen. Keep your toenails trimmed, straight but not too short, as well. Massage your feet, soak them in Epsom salt baths, moisturize them every day, and soak them in both hot and cold baths.

Using these three easy techniques on a daily basis can make the difference between having painful feet at the end of a shift and having serious foot issues. And while a surgeon prepares for a surgery, the last thing on their mind should be uncomfortable, hurting feet.

So look after your feet and they’ll look after you.


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