4 Best PMP Exam Prep Courses: (Certification Training in 2023)

The best way to climb up the ranks and earn more money in your career is to obtain a professional certificate. This fact is especially through if you are eyeing management positions in your workplace. Research shows that project managers with certification earn approximately 18% more than those who are not certified.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is just the exam you need to turn yourself into a certified project manager and start making more money. There’s absolutely no lack of the PMP prep courses available online and picking the best PMP prep course for yourself can be a challenge considering the amount of information to digest as well as the multitude of choices to choose from.

To help you out and make things easier, we’ve researched and reviewed some of the best PMP courses to simplify this process for you. How well you study your materials will make a huge difference between successfully passing or failing your PMP exam. A PMP online training that doesn’t match your learning style could cause you to be unprepared and possibly even failing the exam, costing you months of study time and additional exam fees.

In our review today, we’ve included PMP prep courses that cater to different learning styles. Whether you prefer watching online videos, reading textbooks, or watching live lessons, we’ve got it all. So, let’s read on below for our take of the best PMP prep courses now.

Best PMP Prep Courses Online Training

Brain Sensei PMP Review

Brain Sensei offers a unique way for students to prepare and get ready for the Project Management Professional exam. Their mission is to provide simple yet innovative ways for students to achieve their learning goals through the use of storytelling.

It’s proven that stories make it easier for people to absorb information, and Brain Sensei has taken this approach to provide engaging ways for students to learn in addition to easy-to-read content, quizzes, and other practice questions to truly reinforce what you’ve just learned. Brain Sensei PMP prep course uses an animated story to deliver key project management concepts, ensuring proper understanding.

It has been well-established and proven that storytelling is a good method to help retain information and this approach has been used to share knowledge and teach lessons since the dawn of humankind. Receiving information in the form of a story gives you an easier time absorbing and recalling information. Basing on this approach, Brain Sensei has broken up their review material into little animation clips that are not only entertaining but also act as an efficient way to help you remember important concepts on test day.

Brain Sensei draws you into an engaging animated story of a Samurai who overcomes adversity in Feudal Japan. This story bolters key project management concepts that are tested in the PMP exam. Though most PMP test prep courses are pretty dull and lifeless, Brain Sensei has successfully ensured that their PMP prep course is anything but boring.

Aside from engaging animations, Brain Sensei includes four full-length practice exams available at the end of the course for you to test just how prepared you are for the PMP test. Throughout the course, you’ll even get quizzes and short self-assessment to help track your progress and guide you towards topics you need more help on.

Brain Sensei’s complete PMP course includes more than 900 practice exam questions and answers explanation for you to practice. Those who have passed their PMP exam can tell you that practice questions are one of the most important parts of studying and the best way to help you achieve that passing score.

It is not just practicing questions, Brain Sensei even introduces real-time and detailed progress tracking reports to help you know where exactly you stand. You can find your scores, duration, and status on your dashboard to keep track of your progress.

Brain Sensei understands that it’s not always fun to listen to a boring professor read off from a book, which is why they offer you your own personal animated sensei who will be your teacher throughout your course and offer you additional help or questions you may run into

The animated sensei even acts as your own private teacher and takes you through the studying process step-by-step. This will help you get through mountains of material without getting lost. And since he’s animated, he will always be there to support you any time of the day.

With Brain Sensei, you also get to meet the required 35 education hours, meaning that this course is a great way for you to maximize your study time without having to pay extra for a course just to gain contact hours. Plus, you’ll even be having tons of fun putting in the hours!

Finally, Brain Sensei offers a 100% pass guarantee with their 35-hour Complete PMP Exam Prep course. They’re so confident with their unique memorization tactics and innovative teaching style that they guarantee you’ll get a passing score after going through their entire course. If you meet all the course requirements and end up failing the exam, Brain Sensei lets you retake their entire PMP prep course for free!


  1. Unlike other PMP courses provided by their competitors, Brain Sensei draws you into a story of a female Samurai who overcomes project planning challenges in Feudal Japan. This gives students a more memorable learning experience to absorb and retain information better.
  2. The practice questions provided in Brain Sensei’s course are psychometrically validated meaning they’re constantly adapting to be closer to your educational needs and are not just carbon copies of questions you see on the exams.
  3. Brain Sensei offers your own personal animated sensei that acts as your teacher throughout the online course, offering additional help or questions you may run into.
  4. Brain Sensei is a Registered Education Provider (REP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI), meaning you get to meet the 35 contact hours requirement for the PMP exam by attending this course. This is a great way for you to maximize your study time without having to pay extra for another course just to gain sufficient 35 contact hours.


  1. Unlike some other courses with flashy technology and innovative website layout, this course is pretty basic and lacking in terms of design. However, this could potentially be a good thing since it won’t lead to any distractions that take your focus away from studying.

ExamsPM Review

ExamsPM is an online PMP certification training and exam prep company with a mission to make sure passing is simple and easy for all of their students. In order to achieve that, the team at ExamsPM focuses on fine-tuning their lecture and test content so that you can be confident in your skills.

Other than that, ExamsPM also wants to help their clients maintain their professional certifications as they study, so their courses include 35 PDUs for anyone who completes them, acting as a safety net for individuals who worry that their careers might stagnate while they prepare for the all-important certification test.

When you subscribe to the ExamsPM PMP training prep course, you can expect to have 35 hours of Project Management Training with a 35 Contact Hour Certificate, more than 1500 practice questions, 5 full-length exams, PMBOK explanations in everyday English, downloadable video lectures. 1 year of access period and even money-back guarantee.

As mentioned above, ExamsPM provides 5 full-length practice exams with 200 questions each that are designed to test and enhance your understanding of key concepts. In addition to the high-quality practice exams, you can also choose to see questions relating to certain subjects and topics. This makes your PMP exam prep process somewhat more customizable since you can ignore areas you already excel in and focus on your weaknesses.

On top of that, each practice question is even structured to be as accurate to the actual Project Management Institute (PMI) exam software as possible. As a result, you’ll slowly familiarize yourself with the exam structure as you work on expanding your knowledge base with ExamsPM. Plus, the practice tests even contain the same features as the PMI exam, such as marking questions for review or skipping them to return to later.

Each question even comes with a detailed and accurate explanation for the correct answer upon completion. This is helpful as it shows you why the other answers are incorrect and will directly contribute to your studying and understanding of your upcoming PMI exam.

Included with the ExamsPM courses are a wide range of video lectures and webinars that all add up to 35 hours of content. Each video is also downloadable and can be viewed offline or when you’re on-the-go. You can even download individual slides from each presentation if you plan on focusing on specific knowledge areas.

Thanks to these excellent features, you won’t ever need to worry about connection issues anymore. You can download them and have everything you need ahead of time to study stress-free whenever you have some spare time.

ExamsPM provides webinars hosted by highly qualified professionals in their respective fields. ExamsPM’s instructors have taught over 10,000 students, making them teaching veterans so that you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best possible instruction at any given time.

Another great thing about ExamsPM is that there it provides social features for you to collaborate with other students and teachers working on the same materials. The ExamsPM’s software has been designed for you to interact with others while learning. Have questions during a webinar? You can simply ask someone, and they’ll gladly help.

ExamsPM offers several course choices. You can get the project management professional PMP Exam Simulator which focuses primarily on learning the exam format itself with full-length exams that simulate the conditions of the real thing. Each exam question also comes with detailed explanations to help with understanding.

There’s also the PMP Course with a heavy focus on classroom content such as webinars and includes 35 hours of training via video content and PMP training. This course also comes with a pass guarantee. Finally, you can also opt to buy the Bundle package which includes everything from the previous two in addition to pro-level email support and a 35-hour certificate.


  1. ExamsPM provides several types of free content for those who are unsure about whether their service is right for them. The free content includes a free practice test and even a free PMP training course for students to have a taste of what’s provided in ExamsPM and feel more confident in their excellent service and materials.
  2. ExamsPM includes a wide array of bonus content such as extra webinars and intro courses with each purchase. The courses actually count towards earning your PDUs and all purchases come with course bonuses with a value of up to eight hundred dollars at no extra charge.
  3. ExamsPM provides its students with a 100% pass guarantee. If you’re unable to pass your exam within six weeks of your ExamsPM registration, you’re eligible for a full refund. All you need to do is simply scan and send in your test scores to the company’s support email for them to begin processing your refund.


  1. Some of the best features on the ExamsPM prep course are locked behind their highest price course option. For example, pro email support is only available for those who purchase the Bundle option.

PM Master Prep Review

PM Master Prep course is a unique and refreshing take on project management training suitable for anyone pursuing PMP or CAPM certification. The company does not just force all PMP candidates into a cookie-cutter curriculum of basic lectures and questions, instead, their cutting-edge course crafts customized practice material that is tailor-made for each student based on their individual educational needs.

PM Master Prep was founded by two established professionals – Scott Payne and Michael Parker, who have over 30 years of project management experience between the two of them. They combined their experience and knowledge to create the best project management training resources on the market today with a primary focus on developing a high-quality PMP course.

The PM Master Prep educational materials are designed with the purpose of facilitating easy, time-saving instruction that’s beneficial for both students and instructors. PM Master Prep’s PMP course includes 1,400 unique practice questions, 35 professional development units (PDUs), unlimited course access, generated practice tests organized by different criteria, study guides for formulas and calculations, video case studies, interactive study text, and forum or chatrooms for support.

With roughly 1,400 practice questions in PM Master Prep’s question bank, students who enroll in the PMP prep course will have no shortage of practice questions to answer. These questions are used to make up the generated practice quizzes and 16 unique exam simulations for students to test their knowledge regarding each aspect of the PMP exam. While other PMP training courses may offer a bit more, several of them fail to provide even half this amount of practice questions, making PM Master Prep more appealing.

PM Master understands that the key component to reinforcing a vast amount of knowledge is a large number of quizzes and tests. On top of 1,400 practice questions, students can even generate a nearly unlimited supply of practice quizzes. Additionally, PM Master Prep also includes 16 simulations to help acclimate students to the test environment, which will also improve their chances of passing by reducing pre-test anxiety.

In terms of study materials, PM Master Prep provides 25 case study videos that elaborate on key aspects of the processes outlined in the PMBOK handbook with the use of simple animations narrated by the instructor. This is more visually engaging compared to ordinary traditional lectures, although the production value is a bit lackluster.

Furthermore, the PM Master project management professional PMP exam review course provides their students with multiple avenues of support if they need some help on a particular topic or aspect of the exam. The PMP exam prep course provider allows students to bounce ideas off fellow students and instructors, meaning you won’t ever feel like learning in a vacuum.

Another highlight about PM Master Prep is that the company grants the requisite 35 project management training through professional development units (PDUs) students need in order to sit for the PMP exam. This isn’t only beneficial for newcomers trying to achieve certification for the first time, but these PDUs can also help established professionals looking to maintain their certification such as PMP or CAPM. Even better, those who are already familiar with the methodology will be able to quickly breeze through this course to attain their CPE easily.

Earned Value Management (EVM) is a key component in the PMP education that students are required to understand to be certified as a project manager. PM Master Prep takes great care in this aspect to ensure all their students fully understand the ins and outs of this complex mathematical concept.

To help with that, the PMP prep course includes a full list of all formulas and calculations required for you to fully grasp the concepts behind EVM. The guide also features a layout that shows the original formula and detailed explanations of each component underneath it on the left side of each page. The right side is dedicated to different interpretations of this formula plus some additional examples of it in practice. PM Master Prep even includes an EVM calculator built into its study tool for students to complete equations within the prep course without having to access a different program.

PM Master Prep provides multiple tiers of their PMP prep course with different prices for students to choose the quantity and versatility of learning material according to their budget. The most comprehensive PMP course package offered is their PMP Super Simulator which contains everything listed in the sections above including practice quizzes, tests, case study videos, formula study guides, and even private chat channels.


  1. PM Master Prep offers even their most in-depth study program for about $150, making it one of the cheapest PM prep courses available.
  2. The PMP Super Simulator Package helps the student learn the ins and outs of EVM as well as the mathematical formulas behind it in an intuitive and effective manner.
  3. PM Master Prep offers unlimited lifetime access to their material so that students won’t have to deal with the stress of worrying about a time limit on their educational material.


  1. While the included case study videos are a welcome feature for any student who learns before through visual stimulus, the quality of these lectures is rather disappointing with rudimentary animations and basic narration. These videos are more or less the same level as a free lecture video found on YouTube.

GreyCampus PMP Review

Those who prefer live lectures will love GreyCampus as the PMP course provider brings students organized, instructor-led live and on-demand PMP training courses at a reasonable cost. Students even get an entire year of access to online study materials that are available both online or offline and include the PM Toolkit, flashcards, and interactive lectures.

One of GreyCampus’ best features is its well-organized content that can be used for independent study. Students can sort their study materials and questions according to the knowledge area and practice group for students to focus their attention on areas that give the greatest difficulty. The PMP course even monitors progress and provides a cumulative performance overview for students to see where they’re at. Additionally, GreyCampus eve provides access to a PM Toolkit that includes resources used by project managers as well as 500 flashcards.

Much like the other Project Management Professional PMP training courses reviewed above, GreyCampus’ online self-learning and live instruction PMP training course covers the 35-contact hour requirement for students to apply and sit for the PMP exam, awarding those who pass with a certificate as proof. This means that students will not require to take additional education or courses just to sit for the exam after concluding any GreyCampus PMP training course.

GreyCampus includes several hours of informative video lessons as part of its online self-learning package. These videos feature a qualified instructor speaking with a slideshow visual aid and a live transcript running along the right-hand side. Students have the flexibility to pause, rewind, or skip certain parts of the lecture to go at their own desired pace.

On top of that, GreyCampus even gives its students an entire year of access to the course, ensuring plenty of time to study and learn the material before sitting for the test. This is great for students who finish the course with some time to spare before their MP exam since they can access the learning materials anytime to brush up on certain concepts.

The PMP training course also comes with three simulated exams in their PMP review course, which should be enough for students to become more comfortable with the exam-taking process and prepare for the real thing. However, considering how other competitors provide more than three simulations and the exclusion of customizable simulations on GreyCampus may be somewhat disappointing to some. But, for the price, there’s really nothing much to complain about.

Overall, GreyCampus offers several studying options including Bootcamp and without Bootcamp courses, making them a good fit for students who are working full-time while trying to study. Their Bootcamp package makes it clear that the company is committed to providing high-quality education for students in a friendly and effective manner. While the 12-months access to the course is a nice perk, GreyCampus only offers 30 days of helpline access, meaning you’ll need to organize your study time accordingly. Furthermore, any issues with customer support cannot be expected and should be planned for if any such problem arises and necessitates contacting them.


  1. GreyCampus provides one-on-one time with instructors with more than 10 years of experience in Project Management and is also active PMP certificate holders. This means that you’ll be getting great instruction during your individual coaching time. On top of that, you also get 24/7 customer support and access to a 30-day instructor helpline in between live PMP class sessions.
  2. GreyCampus has one of the best support times available in a PMP exam review course. The company provides many avenues for students to seek assistance, whether you’re facing an issue with the course not working properly or if you need to speak with an experienced instructor to better understand a specific exam concept, you can easily reach out to them via the forum, posts, email, phone, or even their 24/7 Instructor Helpline.
  3. GreyCampus provides a 100% money-back guarantee for students who do not pass the PMP certification exam the first time you take it. You must take the PMP certification exam within 14 days of completing the course completion, finish the entire course, pay all enrollment fees, and pass 2 of the Mock Tests in the GreyCampus portal with a score of at least 75% to qualify.


  1. Access Period: Although you should have enough time to go through all of GreyCampus’s study materials, the discrepancy in access periods for some of their study materials can trip you up if you’re unaware. For example, their instructor helpline, practice questions, and exam simulations are all accessible for a full year; however, their live boot camps are only available for six months.

Final Thoughts on PMP Certification Training

There are plenty of Project Management Professional PMP certification Training Courses available online, there are also great options for those on a budget. Before making any final decision on which are the best PMP training courses for you, do remember to take some time to note down exactly what you want from a PMP prep curriculum and see which ones match your list. We hope today’s review has given you enough information and knowledge to make an informed decision.

FAQ on Best Online PMP Prep Courses

Is PMP Training really worth it?

Yes, of course! People with a certified PMP  will be recognized as an experienced professionals this will definitely enhance your career opportunities in the future. Also, according to statistics, PMP Professional holders could have at least an increase of 16% for their paycheck. There are much more benefits that will make your PMP certification worth it.


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